The 2023 MLB season has reached the quarter mark, and baseball has not disappointed so far this season. Some highlights:

  • The Tampa Bay Rays have been exceptional, leading the American League East and holding the best team OPS and ERA in the majors.
  • The New York Yankees and the New York Mets, both expected to be contenders, find themselves in last place in their respective divisions. The Yankees have dealt with injuries, while the Mets have struggled with their rotation. So too, have the St. Louis Cardinals struggled. Despite a mightily talented roster, they hold the worst record in the National League at the quarter-pole.
  • Jarred Kelenic, once considered a lost cause, has emerged as a key player for the Seattle Mariners. He has been their best hitter and has shown promise for the team’s future.
  • Brent Rooker, picked up by the Oakland A’s after being waived by the Kansas City Royals, has become an unexpected standout. He leads the majors in slugging and OPS, providing a bright spot for the struggling A’s.
  • Eduardo Rodriguez, after a difficult couple of years, has found success with the Detroit Tigers. He has been dominant on the mound with a 1.57 ERA and has contributed to the team’s strong start.
  • The Miami Marlins have an impressive 12-0 record in one-run games, defying expectations. Despite a poor run differential, they have managed to maintain a .500 record through close contests.
  • The Texas Rangers have excelled despite the absence of star players Jacob deGrom and Corey Seager. Their offense, led by Marcus Semien and Jonah Heim, has propelled them to first place in their division.

And though you may now feel like you have the whole story on the 2023 MLB season through May, you don’t. For that, you’ll need the color that only Jomboy himself can provide.

Here are the most popular breakdowns from the month of May 2023:

The 5th Most-Viewed Breakdown

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The 4th Most-Viewed Breakdown

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In the game, the Blue Jays’ starting pitcher, Alec Manoa, was removed from the game in the sixth inning after hitting a batter with the bases loaded. However, there was some confusion around his removal, as the Blue Jays manager had already visited the mound in the inning, which meant he was not supposed to go out again. Ultimately, Manoa was taken out of the game, and the Blue Jays had to bring in a reliever to try and save the inning. The reliever ended up doing a great job, and the Blue Jays went on to win the game.

The 3rd Most-Viewed Breakdown

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This video breakdown centers around a confusing incident during a baseball game, where an umpire calls timeout but later denies it. The incident leads to a heated argument between the umpires, the catcher, and the manager, leaving everyone feeling frustrated and confused. While the situation did not impact the game’s outcome, it highlights the importance of clear communication and transparency in sports officiating.

The 2nd Most-Viewed Breakdown

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The video discusses the discovery of illegal communication devices in baseball players’ helmets during a New Jersey Community College game. Umpires found earpieces in two players’ helmets after opposing players reported hearing noises coming from them during games. This unprecedented situation raises concerns about fair play and the use of technology in baseball. The possibility of coaches communicating with players through earpieces is discussed, and the coach resigned while an investigation was launched. While it’s not clear whether the players used the devices to their advantage, the incident highlights the need for vigilance in ensuring fair play in sports.

The Most-Viewed Breakdown of May 2023

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Contreras used pitch clock violations to disrupt Jansen’s timing during a game between the Cubs and the Dodgers. Despite a warning from the umpire, Contreras continued stepping outside the box to throw off Jansen’s rhythm without actually being fully prepared. Contreras was successful in getting a walk after Jansen was called for a violation. The breakdown also highlights how the Cubs tied the game due to an error by the Dodgers.