The altercation begins with a high sticking call, where the opposing player on the Coyotes falls rather dramatically. This action doesn’t sit well with the Coyotes, who feel they deserved the call. Stature, wearing number 14, expresses his frustration, remarking, \”That’s bullshit, man.\”

Zegris enters the scene midway through and delivers a forceful cross-check to Stature. The tension escalates as both teams converge, with Stature becoming the focal point of the conflict. McTavish also joins the fray, but eventually, the situation settles down.

Face-to-Face Confrontation

As the commotion subsides, Stature and Zegris find themselves face to face. Stature directs some words at Zegris, who responds dismissively. The exchange intensifies when Stature accuses Zegris of disrespecting his family. This deeply angers Stature, fueling his determination to confront Zegris.

Zegris, seemingly unfazed, nonchalantly brushes off Stature’s comments and takes care of his appearance. Stature’s persistence surprises onlookers, as his reaction exceeds the usual trash-talking seen in such situations. Stature continues to berate Zegris, expressing his displeasure with the situation.

Revealing the Insult

In an attempt to decipher what was said, lip reading becomes crucial. Stature’s lips can be read, and he appears to say, \”He chirped my fucking family. He chirped my fucking family.\” These words strengthen Stature’s resolve, prompting him to involve the officials, seeking justice for the verbal attack.

Stature engages in a conversation with the referee, expressing his frustration and demanding action against Zegris. It is unclear whether Stature is referring to a previous incident or confessing to crossing a line himself. Nevertheless, he makes his case to anyone who will listen, emphasizing the severity of the situation.

Escalation and Unveiling the Target

As the heated discussion continues, Stature exclaims, \”You’re a fucking dick!\” Zegris appears confused, questioning the reason behind Stature’s outburst. Then, Stature reveals the target of the insult by stating, \”He chirped my wife.\” The revelation of Zegris’ comments about Stature’s wife is deemed as crossing a significant boundary.

Following this revelation, Stature retreats to the face-off circle and confronts another player from the opposing team. He emphasizes the importance of not insulting someone’s family and encourages chirping to remain limited to other aspects of the game. Stature clarifies that no family members should become targets of verbal attacks.

Analyzing Zegris’ Remarks

Considering Stature’s claims about Zegris’ comments, it is essential to explore what Zegris might have said. It is worth noting that Stature is not married but has a long-term girlfriend whom he refers to as his wife. This distinction brings ambiguity to the situation.

While Zegris’ words remain obscured due to his positioning behind the referee, an educated guess can be made. It is likely that Zegris made a general insult, suggesting something along the lines of, \”I’m going to sleep with your wife tonight,\” targeting Stature’s girlfriend. Zegris then questions whether Stature still intends to witness the event he mentioned.


In this lip reading breakdown, we have explored the altercation between Stature and Zegris, attempting to decipher the controversial remarks exchanged. While the exact words remain uncertain, Stature’s claim that Zegris insulted his family, specifically mentioning his \”wife,\” sparked intense emotions during the incident.

It is important to note that the lip reading analysis is subject to interpretation, and the accuracy of the revealed words may not be definitive. The breakdown provided here aims to shed light on the events as they unfolded and the possible content of the heated exchange.

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