In the world of baseball, certain players stand out for their exceptional skills and performance. One such player is Yu Darvish, who is having a remarkable season and continues to impress with his pitching prowess. In this article, we will delve into a specific game where Darvish’s impeccable performance was marred by some puzzling calls made by the umpire. We’ll explore the pitch sequences, the umpire’s decisions, and the impact it had on the game.

A Perfect Game So Far

During this particular game, Yu Darvish displayed his brilliance on the mound. He had not allowed a single base runner, making it a near-perfect game up until that point. His precision and control over the ball were evident from the very beginning.

The Mysterious Three-Finger Wiggle

One intriguing aspect of Darvish’s pitching style is the \”three-finger wiggle.\” While it’s not entirely clear what this signal means, some speculate that it could be indicating a specific type of pitch, like a cutter. Regardless of its exact purpose, it adds an element of mystique to Darvish’s wind-up.

Puzzling Umpire Calls

As the game progressed, Darvish encountered some controversial calls made by the umpire. These calls left both players and spectators scratching their heads in bewilderment. Let’s examine a few instances where the umpire’s decisions raised eyebrows:

– **The First Controversial Call**: Darvish delivered what seemed like a clear strike, with the batter’s eyes even confirming it. However, the umpire deemed it a ball, leading to confusion among the players and the audience.

– **The Second Questionable Call**: Another pitch, which appeared to clip the zone, was called a ball. While some attribute it to the catcher’s framing technique, data from baseball Savant suggested that the pitch did indeed graze the strike zone.

– **The Third Dubious Call**: In this instance, Darvish threw a pitch that seemed to be both over the plate and at the correct height. Nevertheless, the umpire ruled it as inside, further adding to the perplexity surrounding his decisions.

The Impact on the Game

The questionable calls made by the umpire had a significant impact on the game. It led to a long inning for Darvish, as he had to adjust his strategy due to the lack of favorable calls. Despite the challenges, Darvish’s talent and determination allowed him to navigate through the inning successfully.

Yu Darvish’s Phenomenal Season

Throughout the season, Darvish has been showcasing his remarkable skills on the field. With the exception of one early setback, he has maintained an impressive 2.70 ERA, which speaks volumes about his consistency and overall performance.


Yu Darvish’s game was a testament to his pitching excellence and adaptability on the mound. The umpire’s enigmatic calls may have posed challenges, but Darvish’s talent shone through. As the season continues, fans can expect to witness more awe-inspiring performances from this exceptional player who continues to leave a mark in the world of baseball.