The game began with Wayno facing Cuba’s formidable lineup. In the first inning, a hard-hit ball took an unexpected bounce, hitting Wayno’s hand instead of his glove. Although he managed to recover and make the throw, the runner reached first base safely. Wayno’s determination to control the game was evident as he sought another fastball, followed by a curveball that was fouled away. However, a Baltimore chop off the mound presented a difficult play. In retrospect, it might have been wiser for Wayno not to touch the ball at all, allowing it to roll foul. Nevertheless, this incident resulted in another soft hit, putting Team USA in a precarious situation.

Pitching Under Pressure

With the bases loaded, Wayno faced a crucial moment in the game. Aware of the limited availability of relief pitchers due to the World Baseball Classic rules, the pressure was on him to deliver outs and pitch deep into the game. However, the situation seemed dire as he pitched cautiously, avoiding contact. A fastball away, a curveball, and a cutter were thrown, but they did not produce the desired outcome. Ultimately, Wayno’s pitch count rose, and he walked a batter, allowing Cuba to take the lead.

Guidance from the Dugout

Recognizing the importance of regaining control, the coaching staff intervened. Andy Pettit, a trusted advisor, approached Wayno on the mound. Assuring him that he had been making good pitches, Pettit encouraged Wayno to rely on his exceptional curveball, a pitch that had yet to be hit. Buoyed by Pettit’s advice, Wayno accepted the challenge and unleashed a curveball that led to a ball and subsequent curve for a strike. This pivotal moment in the game demonstrated the value of effective communication and the importance of trusting one’s instincts.

Redemption and Resilience

Wayno’s newfound confidence in his curveball paid off. He induced a ground ball, allowing Arenado to make a swift play at home plate. The defense executed flawlessly, preventing any further runs from scoring. A subsequent pop-up caused a momentary mix-up between players, but they managed to secure the out, avoiding potential disaster. Wayno stayed true to his strategy, throwing a curveball that resulted in a groundout to end the inning. Despite the pitching constraints and the challenges faced, Team USA managed to limit Cuba to just one run, providing a crucial opportunity for their offense to rally.

Team USA’s Offensive Explosion

Buoyed by Wayno’s resilience and strong defense, Team USA responded emphatically in their half of the inning. They unleashed an offensive onslaught, scoring an impressive 14 runs. This explosive performance not only solidified their victory but also demonstrated the importance of a balanced team effort.


Team USA’s semifinal victory against Cuba showcased the resilience, adaptability, and strategic decision-making needed to succeed in high-stakes games. Wayno’s ability to overcome early setbacks and make crucial adjustments under pressure proved pivotal in securing the win. Furthermore, the team’s strong defensive plays and explosive offensive performance propelled them to a dominant victory. As they advance to the next stage of the competition, Team USA can look back at this game as a turning point in their pursuit of glory.