The first inning started innocently enough, with two runners on base and only one out. Clark Schmidt took the mound for the Yankees, facing off against Nailer. With a 2-2 count, Schmidt delivered a fastball, resulting in a pop-up into shallow center field. Aaron Hicks, the Yankees’ center fielder, rushed in and appeared to make the catch, leading to a seemingly effortless double play.

The Replay Dilemma

However, the play took an unexpected turn when the umpire counted the run, despite potential discrepancies. The managers of both teams, Tito and Boone, were aware of the questionable aspects of the play but hesitated to challenge the call. Their reasoning was twofold: challenging the play could either expose their own team’s mistakes or give the opposing team an advantage.

Conflicting Replays and Managerial Frustration

Replays of the play, which were shown on the Jumbotron, clearly indicated that Hicks did not cleanly catch the ball. The crowd’s reaction heightened the umpire’s realization that a mistake had been made. The umpire then approached Tito, considering the possibility of challenging the play. However, Boone vehemently objected, arguing that such a challenge would be unfair, as both teams had missed critical aspects of the play.

The Managerial Clash

Tempers flared as Boone confronted the umpire, expressing his frustration with the handling of the situation. Boone was upset that the umpire was considering granting Tito a challenge after seeing the replay on the scoreboard. He believed this would grant the Guardians an undeserved advantage. The exchange escalated, resulting in Boone’s ejection from the game.

The Aftermath

Boone, despite his anger, acknowledged that the umpire had made the correct call in terms of the play itself. However, he firmly criticized the handling of the situation and the inconsistency with the rules that had been communicated to the managers during the spring. The incident left fans confused and frustrated, with both sides feeling that the situation had been mishandled.


The controversial play in the first inning of the Guardians versus Yankees game has become a prime example of the challenges and frustrations surrounding replay reviews and challenges in baseball. The incident exposed inconsistencies in the rules and raised questions about the fairness of the process. As fans eagerly await further developments and clarification, the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of clear and consistent rules to ensure fair play and avoid unnecessary controversy.