During the game between the Blue Jays and their opponents, Kimbrell was on the mound, pitching for his team. As the pitch clock reached zero, the umpire called a pitch clock violation against Kimbrell. However, a hilarious misunderstanding unfolded as Kimbrell’s knee went up slightly after the clock hit zero. The umpire seemed to think otherwise and asserted that Kimbrell had taken too long.

The Umpire’s Dilemma

The umpire, a relatively inexperienced AAA umpire working in spring training, found himself in a predicament. Aware that the players might not be pleased with his decision, he felt the need to assert himself. Meanwhile, Kimbrell, seemingly uninterested in pitching the ball, discarded it and requested a new one.

The Ball Exchange Confusion

As Kimbrell received a new ball from the umpire, his catcher, Real Muto, signaled that he also wanted a new ball. However, Real Muto was unaware that the umpire intended to throw him the ball directly. Misinterpreting the situation, Kimbrell’s eyes shifted towards the umpire, expecting him to throw the ball back to him. Real Muto, observing Kimbrell’s actions, assumed that the umpire was throwing him the ball once again, resulting in a moment of confusion.

The Umpire’s Embarrassment

The umpire found himself in an embarrassing position. Realizing that his attempt to return the ball to Real Muto had been misinterpreted, he appeared foolish. Not knowing how to rectify the situation, the umpire ejected Real Muto from the game, feeling disrespected by the confusion that had ensued.

The Misunderstood Intentions

Real Muto, taken aback by his sudden ejection, explained to the crew chief that he had mistakenly believed the umpire was throwing him the ball back. He dropped his glove, assuming that the umpire intended to return it to him. However, the umpire mistakenly believed that Real Muto had purposefully dropped his glove and ejected him from the game.

Unforeseen Consequences

Real Muto, who had played over 2,000 games in his career, found himself ejected for the first time, all due to this unusual sequence of events. Despite the unexpected outcome, the crowd showed their support for Real Muto, who graciously acknowledged their cheers with a fist pump as he left the field. Although bewildered by the incident, he maintained a positive attitude, smiling and laughing as he walked off the outfield grass.

Lessons Learned and the Umpire’s Reflection

The incident serves as a reminder to players and umpires alike to remain vigilant and attentive during the game. Communication is crucial to avoiding misunderstandings that can lead to embarrassing situations. The umpire involved, upon reflection, acknowledged that he may have overreacted and ejected Real Muto hastily. The umpire’s intentions to return the ball were not adequately conveyed, resulting in an amusing yet unfortunate turn of events.