In the world of baseball, unexpected and intriguing moments can unfold at any time. During the 2022 season, a rather curious incident occurred, resulting in a four-strike at-bat. This unusual event took place in a game featuring Jordan Alvarez against Rich Hill, and it caught the attention of both fans and broadcasters alike.

Setting the Stage

As the game began, Jordan Alvarez stepped up to the plate to face Rich Hill. The excitement was palpable, and the first pitch came in—a low curveball, but it was ruled as a ball. The anticipation only grew as the next pitch, another curveball, came in at 71 miles per hour and was called a strike.

The Hurdles and Delays

The game took an unexpected turn when Rich Hill opted to drop down with a slider, resulting in a fouled ball. The third baseman tried to retrieve it, leading to a delay as he and the catcher sprinted after the ball, leaving them out of breath. The delay allowed the players to catch their breath, clean the plate, and shake off a pitch.

The Unnoticed Fourth Strike

Amidst all the excitement and delays, the momentous incident unfolded. Rich Hill threw a sidearm changeup, which should have been the third strike, but nobody seemed to notice. Not the umpires, not the crowd, not even the managers. Only Jordan Alvarez realized that he had been given an extra chance.

Radio vs. TV Broadcasts

Interestingly, the radio broadcasts picked up on the discrepancy, accurately reporting the events and the confusion around the at-bat. They discussed Jordan Alvarez’s skills and Rich Hill’s attempts to adjust his arm angles to counter him. However, the TV broadcasts were seemingly unaware of the extra strike and focused on praising the umpire’s calls.

The Umpire’s Favorable Reputation

The umpire in question, Jim Wolfe, received praise from the TV broadcasters, who admired his skills and communication on the field. They mentioned how he would admit if he missed a call, but ironically, he himself forgot about the unacknowledged fourth strike, leading to a rather peculiar situation.


Baseball is a sport full of surprises, and the four-strike at-bat in the 2022 season is a testament to its unpredictability. Despite numerous people being involved in the game, the unnoticed fourth strike slipped through everyone’s attention. This intriguing incident serves as a reminder of how even the most experienced individuals can miss something in the heat of the moment. Let us cherish these unique moments that make baseball all the more fascinating.