In a thrilling ice hockey game between the Wild and the Jets, a series of events unfolded that left fans and players alike stunned. From bone-crushing hits to synchronized fights, and controversial referee decisions, the game had it all. In this article, we’ll break down the key moments of the game and delve into the chaos that ensued on the ice.

Dual Fights Break Out

Early in the first period, the intensity of the game reached its peak when a massive hit was delivered on Felino of the Wild. This hit triggered a chain reaction, leading to not one, but two fights breaking out simultaneously. It all began when Felino’s teammate, outraged by the hit, dropped his gloves and challenged the opposing player to a fight. Sensing his friend’s distress, another player from the Wild, wearing number 17, stepped in to defend his teammate. What followed was a non-stop frenzy of players defending their comrades, resulting in a chaotic scene at center ice.

Referee Confusion

The sight of two fights happening at the same time left the referees perplexed and unsure of how to handle the situation. As they rushed to intervene, confusion ensued among the officials. One referee gestured to the other fight, indicating they should attend to it, but then realized they were both heading in the same direction. Amidst the chaos, the referees struggled to maintain control and make the necessary calls.

Synchronized Punching and Plastic Clashes

Within the heat of the fights, players engaged in a display of synchronized punching, with fists and helmets colliding in a flurry of action. The intensity escalated as players exchanged blows, using the plastic elements of their equipment as targets. Finally, a moment arrived when all eyes were glued to the simultaneous punches thrown by the players involved, capturing the attention of the crowd.

Referee Dilemma Continues

Despite their efforts, the referees still found themselves struggling to keep up with the dual fights. As one fight went to the ground, the referees managed to separate the players involved. However, the second fight lost its initial intensity, losing its appeal to both the players and the spectators. Eventually, the fighters retreated to their respective benches, and the aftermath of the chaos began to sink in.

Felino’s Question and Lighthearted Response

In the midst of the confusion, Felino, the player who suffered the initial hit, was left with a simple question: \”What the expletive was that?\” Expressing his disbelief at the turn of events, he sought an explanation for the chaos that unfolded on the ice. Meanwhile, players from the opposing team seemed unfazed and even found humor in the situation, laughing it off as they licked their wounds in the penalty box.

Controversial Calls and Coach’s Frustration

As the dust settled, the consequences of the fights became apparent. Both teams received penalties, with the two Wild players involved in the fights serving their time in the penalty box. However, confusion loomed over the decision to award the Jets a power play. The coach of the Wild voiced his frustration, arguing that the initial hit on Felino should have been penalized due to the three strides taken by the opposing player before delivering the hit. The coach’s pleas fell on deaf ears, leaving him disappointed with the referee’s ruling.

Replay Analysis and Unresolved Strides Debate

To support his argument, the coach sought the attention of another referee named Freddy. Together, they reviewed the replay footage to determine if the hit indeed occurred after three full strides. Analyzing the movements of the opposing player who delivered the hit, they scrutinized each step. However, the question remained: Did the player’s left foot coming down count as a stride, followed by the right foot, and then the left foot again? The debate continued, and the coach’s frustration grew as the decision remained unresolved.

Wild Seize the Opportunity

Amidst the chaos and controversy, the Wild capitalized on their power play advantage. With the opposing team down a player, they managed to score the first goal of the game, sending the crowd into a frenzy. The joy of the Wild players was palpable as they celebrated their success while their opponents nursed their wounds in the penalty box.


The game between the Wild and the Jets will go down in history as a spectacle of dual fights, referee confusion, and controversial calls. The chaos that unfolded on the ice showcased the passion and intensity of the sport. While the players engaged in synchronized battles and the referees struggled to maintain order, the outcome left some questioning the fairness of the decisions made. In the end, the Wild emerged victorious, seizing the opportunity presented by the chaos. The game serves as a reminder that hockey can be as unpredictable as it is thrilling.