The much-anticipated opening day in Detroit between the White Sox and the Tigers turned out to be a rollercoaster of emotions. The White Sox held a one-run lead over the Tigers in the bottom of the ninth inning with no outs, and the tension was palpable. As the game unfolded, both teams’ players and fans were on the edge of their seats, experiencing moments of elation, disappointment, and suspense. Let’s take a closer look at the thrilling events that unfolded on this eventful day.

The Closing Pitcher Steps Up

The White Sox, holding on to a slim lead, entrusted their closer to secure the victory. He started by expertly mixing up his pitches—soft and away, followed by a hard one. The intensity was high as the one-two pitch went soft away again, eventually leading to a strikeout.

Eric Coss’ Battle

Next up at bat was Eric Coss, and the intensity did not wane. The pitcher unleashed a series of 98-mph fastballs, keeping the count at two and two. The tension in the stadium reached its peak as Coss fouled off multiple pitches. Finally, the pitcher delivered a fastball inside, and Coss was out. The game was reaching a fever pitch, and emotions were running high.

Drama at the Plate

With two outs, Meadows stepped up to the plate. The pitcher threw a nice curveball and a fastball, leading to a one-one count. Meadows took a swing at a slider but didn’t connect with it. However, he managed a powerful hit, sending the ball over Pollock’s head in right field, and the crowd erupted into cheers. Meadows made it to third base, setting the stage for a nail-biting finish.

Javi Báez’s Almost Home Run

The tension reached a new high as Javi Báez came to bat, with the game hanging in the balance. He took two big swings, and the ball sailed to right field. The question on everyone’s mind was, did it clear the wall for a home run or not? The replay showed the ball hitting the wall and then Pollock’s glove, adding a moment of uncertainty.

The Umpire’s Verdict

As the players celebrated, the umpires initiated a review to determine if the hit was a home run or not. The crowd held their breath as the replay was examined. Finally, the umpires made their call, and the celebration turned to disappointment for the White Sox. The hit was ruled as a wall hit, not a home run. Despite the setback, the game was far from over.

An Epic Celebration

The drama did not dampen the players’ spirits. Javi Báez and his teammates continued to celebrate their momentous play, even though it wasn’t an official home run. They shared high-fives and hugs, basking in the excitement of the game.

A Memorable Opening Day

Despite the suspense and drama, the opening day game between the White Sox and the Tigers was undeniably unforgettable. The players’ passion and dedication to the sport were evident, and the fans were treated to an exhilarating experience.


Opening day in Detroit showcased the sheer excitement and unpredictability of baseball. The game between the White Sox and the Tigers provided an abundance of thrills, with players leaving everything on the field. Though the final call on Javi Báez’s hit may not have gone their way, the energy and camaraderie displayed by both teams made this opening day one for the books. Baseball fans everywhere will undoubtedly cherish the memories from this eventful and remarkable day.