In a thrilling baseball game sponsored by DraftKings, tensions ran high as 23-year-old Juan Soto faced off against 32-year-old Will Smith. The Braves were leading by six runs in the bottom of the ninth inning, with the Nationals having bases loaded and one out left to go. As Juan Soto stepped up to the plate, mind games and competitiveness took center stage, leading to a memorable confrontation between the two players.

The Mound Visit

With the game hanging in the balance, the Nationals’ pitching coach ran out to the mound to strategize with the pitcher. The plan was clear – avoid giving Soto anything to hit, especially a grand slam that could change the game’s outcome. Soto, aware of his reputation as the team’s best player, confidently acknowledged the coach’s intentions but reminded everyone that he had turned down a staggering $400 million offer, emphasizing his belief in his abilities.

The Duel Begins

As the pitch count progressed, Soto’s confidence remained unwavering. Will Smith carefully placed his pitches, attempting to keep Soto close but not offering him any easy opportunities. Soto’s bravado was on full display as he taunted Smith, encouraging him to pitch competitively rather than intentionally walking him for a free RBI.

Mind Games and Frustration

As the count reached 2-0, Smith had to be cautious, knowing that the next pitch might be the one Soto was waiting for. However, the game took an unexpected turn. Soto, sensing that Smith was reluctant to challenge him, appeared to be amused by the situation. He taunted Smith, making it clear that he was well aware of the pitcher’s reluctance to face him.

The Final Blow

When the pitch count reached 3-0, it became apparent that Smith would likely walk Soto intentionally. Frustration crept into Smith’s demeanor as he seemed annoyed by the turn of events. Soto’s confidence remained unshaken as he received the walk, giving him a free pass to first base.

Triumph and Banter

As Soto reached first base, he couldn’t help but laugh at how he had managed to get under Smith’s skin. The mind games had worked, and he relished the victory in this mental battle. Soto playfully exchanged banter with Smith, making it clear that he believed he was the superior player on the field.


In this intense baseball showdown, Juan Soto demonstrated not only his impressive skills on the field but also his ability to play mind games with his opponents. The confrontation with Will Smith showcased the competitive spirit that drives athletes to excel. Despite Smith’s frustration, Soto emerged as the victor in this psychological battle, reminding everyone that he was a force to be reckoned with in the game of baseball.