In a devastating turn of events, the Pittsburgh Penguins found themselves facing a significant defeat, trailing five goals to none in the third period. As the game took an unexpected turn, a mishap involving Sidney Crosby unfolded, leaving both players and fans bewildered. This breakdown of events, brought to you by DraftKings, sheds light on the incident and its repercussions.

The Unfortunate Incident

Amidst the already disheartening scoreline, a moment of distress occurred when Crosby took a fall on the ice. It happened when an opposing player unintentionally made contact with his ankle, causing him to lose balance. The situation quickly escalated, with a cross-check and subsequent trip contributing to the chaos near the net. The series of events left Crosby puzzled and frustrated.

Penalty Confusion

Following the incident, penalties were handed out to the players involved. Anderson received a two-minute penalty for the cross-check, while both Crosby and Anderson were issued ten-minute misconduct penalties. This turn of events left Crosby bewildered, questioning the severity of his penalty. Confused and seeking clarification, he engaged with the referees, attempting to understand the situation. Unfortunately, his efforts only worsened the situation.

Game Misconduct and Sid’s Departure

As Crosby continued to question the penalty, the referees insisted that he leave the ice. Despite his disbelief, Crosby reluctantly skated towards the referee, questioning the rationale behind his punishment. Frustration boiled over, leading to a verbal outburst, resulting in an additional ten-minute penalty. With a game misconduct penalty totaling twenty minutes, Crosby was forced to leave the game, leaving his team short-handed and unable to recover from the unfortunate turn of events.

A Controversial Exit

Crosby’s departure from the game due to penalties raised eyebrows among both players and fans alike. The incident sparked debate and discussion regarding the severity of the penalties imposed on him. Many considered the penalties excessive, given the circumstances surrounding his involvement. The situation escalated rapidly, resulting in what seemed to be an excessive amount of penalty minutes for seemingly minor infractions.


The Penguins’ encounter with the opposing team took a frustrating turn as they faced an overwhelming deficit on the scoreboard. The incident involving Sidney Crosby and the subsequent penalties issued created a chaotic and controversial atmosphere. As the game misconduct penalties forced Crosby to leave the game, it left many questioning the fairness and impact of the officiating decisions. The events of this game serve as a reminder of the unpredictability and sometimes contentious nature of ice hockey.