In this episode of Angel Hernandez, we delve into the world of Major League Baseball (MLB) and one umpire who has been at the center of controversy for quite some time. Angel Hernandez, a long-standing umpire, has taken legal action against MLB, alleging discrimination, and claiming that he has been unfairly treated when it comes to prestigious assignments like the World Series. On the other hand, MLB argues that his lack of leadership skills and consistent poor decision-making on the field make him unfit for such crucial roles.

The Curious Case of Angel Hernandez

Angel Hernandez’s history has been marred by numerous questionable calls, leaving players, managers, and fans frustrated. Despite these issues, the umpire’s union protects him, making it challenging for MLB to take any disciplinary action against him. As a result, Hernandez continues to be assigned to high-profile games, which has led to heated debates and controversies.

The Game and the Calls

In a recent nationally televised Sunday Night Baseball game, Angel Hernandez was the home plate umpire, despite MLB’s admission in court that he lacks the necessary skills for this pivotal role. Throughout the game, his calls came under intense scrutiny, and both teams expressed their dissatisfaction with his decisions.

Some of the crucial calls made during the game included:

– Pitches called strikes that appeared outside the strike zone.
– Pitches called balls that seemed well within the strike zone.

The Frustrations Grow

As the game progressed, the frustration among players and managers escalated. Angel Hernandez’s inconsistent and questionable calls were evident, and it appeared that he struggled to maintain a consistent strike zone.

Washington Nationals’ player, Kyle Schwarber, was particularly affected by Hernandez’s calls. During a critical at-bat in the ninth inning, Schwarber was called out on a questionable pitch, leading to his emotional outburst and subsequent ejection from the game.

The Call for Change

The cumulative impact of Hernandez’s poor umpiring and the frustration it causes to players and fans raise important questions. The MLB needs to address the issue of umpire accountability and implement measures to ensure fair and consistent officiating.

A Solution for Umpire Assignments

Considering the strong protection offered by the umpire’s union, one potential solution is to assign Angel Hernandez to less critical positions. Instead of placing him behind the plate, where his calls directly impact the game’s outcome, he could be assigned to less demanding roles, such as the third base umpire. This would minimize the impact of his questionable decisions while still keeping him employed as an umpire.

Seeking a Better Fan Experience

To enhance the fan experience and ensure fair play, it is essential for MLB to take proactive measures to address umpire performance. Umpires play a crucial role in the game, and their decisions can significantly influence its outcome. Emphasizing accountability, continuous training, and performance evaluation can help improve the overall quality of officiating.


The case of Angel Hernandez shines a spotlight on the challenges MLB faces in dealing with problematic umpires. The league must strike a balance between respecting the umpire union’s rights and ensuring that the game is officiated with integrity and fairness. By addressing the issue of inconsistent umpiring, MLB can provide fans, players, and managers with the quality experience they deserve. Ultimately, striving for a better system of umpire assignments and fostering accountability will contribute to the overall growth and enjoyment of the sport.