The NBA preseason is a time for teams to fine-tune their strategies and test new lineups before the regular season begins. During one such preseason game between the Mavericks and the Pacers, an amusing incident unfolded, leaving both players and fans in stitches.

The Wrong Direction

As the game progressed, the Mavericks had possession of the ball and were ready to make a move. They put up a shot, seemingly heading towards the right side of the court. However, the Pacers managed to grab the inbound pass and quickly called for a time-out. This tactical decision led to an unexpected turn of events.

The Crew Swap

During the time-out, both teams decided to switch out all of their players. As a result, a completely new crew took to the court, replacing the previous players. This type of substitution is relatively common in the NBA preseason, allowing coaches to experiment with different player combinations.

The Confusion

As the new crew prepared to inbound the ball, one player from the Mavericks, Dudley, noticed something peculiar. He approached the opposing team and asked, \”Hey, what are you doing?\” The inbound play proceeded as planned, but to everyone’s surprise, all ten players on the court were heading in the wrong direction!

Realization and Fast Break

Soon enough, the players started to realize the mix-up, and it dawned on them that they were playing the wrong way. Amidst the confusion, one player from the Mavericks saw an opportunity and shouted, \”Here we go, fast break! I’m open, I’m open! Give me the ball!\” He thought they could take advantage of the situation and score some easy points.

Tricked, but Not Quite

Thinking they had successfully tricked the opposing team, the player received the ball and made a successful shot. The Mavericks were ecstatic, celebrating their \”clever\” play. However, their excitement was short-lived, as the referees called a backcourt violation, negating the basket.

The Blame Game

As the coach of the Mavericks saw the backcourt violation being called, he was quick to point fingers. He yelled at the referees, \”That’s your mess up! No, you gave him the ball! Hey, ref, hey, that’s your guys’ mess up, you gave us the ball!\” The coach was trying to argue that the referees’ mistake led to the violation.

The Final Outcome

Despite the confusion, laughter ensued on and off the court. The referees conferred and ultimately decided to give the ball back to the Pacers due to the backcourt violation. The amusing mix-up added an element of light-heartedness to the game, reminding everyone that even in a highly competitive league like the NBA, moments of humor can emerge.


The NBA preseason is not only a time for serious preparations and evaluations but also for lighthearted and hilarious moments on the court. The incident between the Mavericks and the Pacers showcased how even professional basketball players can have moments of confusion and humor, reminding us that sports are not just about competition but also about enjoying the game and the camaraderie it brings.