As an avid viewer of Minnesota Wild hockey games, I’ve noticed a distinct camaraderie and team spirit within the organization. In this breakdown, sponsored by DraftKings, I’ll delve into a recent game where the Wild showcased their unity and support for one another.

A Rookie Shines: Boldies’ First Goals

During one particular game, rookie sensation Boldies, a 21-year-old player, made a significant impact. It was his first time scoring in the NHL, and he did so with style. On a power play, he executed a smooth move, spinning around the opposition defenseman and finding the back of the net. His enthusiasm was evident as he immediately acknowledged his teammate’s contribution.

A Second Goal and Acknowledging Teamwork

Boldies’ second goal came on another power play opportunity. Positioned in the middle of the ice, he expertly redirected a pass into the net with a deft touch of his stick. Once again, he made sure to credit his teammate for the setup, pointing at him in appreciation. This display of gratitude exemplified the close-knit nature of the Minnesota Wild.

The Pursuit of a Hat-Trick

Later in the game, with the Wild still on a power play, Boldies had his sights set on completing a hat-trick. As the team maintained possession around the perimeter, Boldies patiently sought an opportunity. The play unfolded with a fortuitous bounce. The puck hit the post, ricocheted off the goalie’s leg, and began its journey into the net. Sensing the significance of the moment, Boldies refrained from interfering, ensuring the goal would count towards his first career hat-trick.

A Team Effort Celebrates Boldies’ Achievement

In an extraordinary display of support, his teammates immediately turned their attention to retrieving the puck before even celebrating the goal. Zuccarelli and Erickson, among others, rushed to secure the historic memento. The Minnesota Wild players demonstrated their genuine concern for each other’s accomplishments, making sure Boldies received the recognition he deserved.

Reflecting on the Goal

Although it seemed unlikely that Boldies would have scored even if he had touched the puck, he emphatically pulled his stick back to avoid any controversy. His gesture confirmed his intention to let his teammate complete the hat-trick. The mutual respect and sportsmanship within the team were evident as Boldies pointed to his teammate and acknowledged his performance.

The Tradition of Hat-Tricks and Fan Participation

A hat-trick in hockey is a rare and celebrated achievement. Fans traditionally throw their hats onto the ice to honor the player’s accomplishment. It raises the question of whether spectators intentionally wear disposable hats to games, enabling them to participate in this unique tradition. Perhaps NHL teams could provide hats upon entry, creating a hat-trick-themed experience for fans while ensuring a steady supply of hats for sale.

The Role of the Camera Crew and the Ice Crew’s Clean-Up

During the celebration, the camera crew focused on a particular hat, though it would have been more appropriate to showcase a hat with team branding. Nonetheless, capturing the moment when hats are strewn across the ice adds to the excitement. The responsibility of cleaning up falls upon the ice crew, who diligently gather the hats during TV timeouts.

The Post-Game Interview

In the post-game interview, Boldies was asked about his decision not to touch the puck during the potential hat-trick goal. He explained that when a teammate has a clear shot at scoring, it’s essential to avoid interfering. He prioritized teamwork over personal achievements, a testament to the unity and selflessness within the Minnesota Wild.


The Minnesota Wild exemplify the meaning of team and family. Their unwavering support for one another, as demonstrated by Boldies’ selfless act and the immediate celebration of his teammates, sets them apart in the NHL. The organization’s emphasis on camaraderie fosters an environment where success is celebrated collectively. The Minnesota Wild truly embody the spirit of hockey as a team sport.