In a rather unusual turn of events during an MLS (Major League Soccer) match, a player found himself in a perplexing situation when he went into the crowd to apologize for an unfortunate incident, only to be met with rejection. Let’s delve into the details of this peculiar incident that unfolded during a match between Red Bull New York Football Club and Philadelphia.

The Unfortunate Sequence of Events

During extra time, Red Bull New York Football Club was trailing behind Philadelphia, and frustration was mounting among the players. In the midst of it all, a player named Yearwood went up for a header, but the ball ended up bouncing around, wasting valuable time. Seizing an opportunity to score and bring his team within one goal of leveling the match, Yearwood made a dash towards the goal. However, his attempt was thwarted, leading to their eventual defeat.

In his frustration, Yearwood, in a spur of the moment, kicked the ball into the crowd accidentally. Realizing his mistake immediately, he rushed to apologize to the person who had been hit by the ball. The incident itself was not a laughing matter, but what followed was quite unexpected.

Rejection and the Scarf Incident

To Yearwood’s surprise, the brother of the girl who had been hit in the head refused to accept his apology. Instead, the brother, a fan of the team Yearwood played for, scarfed him. The term \”scarfing\” refers to a gesture where a fan expresses disapproval by waving a scarf in a player’s face. It is worth noting that such a response from a fan towards a professional player is highly uncommon.

Despite Yearwood’s attempts to apologize, the brother was unwavering, insisting that Yearwood leave the vicinity immediately. The incident was not taken lightly, considering the potential danger that the ball presented to those in its path. Notably, the crowd shot revealed a chilling sight of a newborn baby, adorned with a cute red bow, who was dangerously close to being struck by the ball.

The Magnitude of the Incident

The gravity of the situation becomes apparent upon examining the trajectory and impact of Yearwood’s kick. A typical soccer kick can reach speeds of around 70 miles per hour, and given Yearwood’s frustration, it was likely a forceful one. The ball first struck the girl in the face, followed by hitting a child sitting in front of her. To everyone’s astonishment, the ball then continued its path and seemingly hit another person’s head towards the left side of the screen.

Remarkably, Yearwood himself seemed oblivious to the fact that he had hit multiple individuals with a single kick. Observing the footage, it appears that he turned quickly after the incident, suggesting that he might have noticed the unintended targets. Consequently, Yearwood received a red card, symbolizing his expulsion from the game. It remains uncertain whether his remorse stemmed from the harm caused to the public and the children or from the repercussions of his actions within the match itself.


The incident involving Yearwood’s ill-fated kick and subsequent apology turned out to be a truly bizarre occurrence in MLS. The rejection of the player’s apology by a fan, expressed through scarving, added to the peculiarity of the situation. As the footage circulated, the impact on those who were hit by the ball became evident, with each face in the crowd reflecting the shock of the unexpected events.

While the player’s intentions to apologize were genuine, the response from the fan highlighted the emotional turmoil caused by the incident. The consequences of Yearwood’s actions extend beyond the match, serving as a reminder of the importance of maintaining control and composure, even in moments of frustration.