Recently, a relief pitcher from Japan’s World Baseball Classic team caught the attention of spectators and fans with an unconventional approach. During his wind-up, Takahashi, the pitcher in question, repeatedly took his jersey and placed it over his glove. This peculiar action raised many questions and sparked curiosity among baseball enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we will delve into the details of Takahashi’s technique and explore its origins and purpose.

The Intentional Gesture

Upon observing Takahashi’s repetitive act of placing his jersey over his glove, one might question whether it is merely due to the bagginess of his uniform. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that this is a deliberate and intentional gesture. Takahashi’s entire wind-up exhibits precision and purpose, suggesting that the hiding of his glove serves a specific function.

Analyzing Takahashi’s Wind-up

To better understand Takahashi’s pitching technique, let’s break down the various elements of his wind-up:

  1. Stance: Takahashi begins his wind-up by assuming a balanced stance with his eyes fixed on the catcher. He raises his left leg, showcasing his agility and balance.
  2. Arm and Glove Position: As Takahashi lifts his left leg, both the ball and glove ascend above his head. Notably, they separate from each other, with his hands fully extended.
  3. Leg Movements: Following the separation of his arms, Takahashi’s left leg descends while his right leg rises. His knee reaches a high position, mirroring the extension he achieved with his arms.
  4. The Crane Pose: Once his legs are positioned, Takahashi momentarily assumes a crane-like pose, finding balance and stability. This posture resembles a weight pendulum, further emphasizing his focus and poise.
  5. Pitch Release: After attaining equilibrium, Takahashi smacks the ball against his glove, potentially enhancing his grip or establishing a rhythm. Finally, he drives forward and releases the pitch with remarkable accuracy.

The Hidden Glove Mystery

The most intriguing aspect of Takahashi’s technique is the act of concealing his glove within his jersey. Upon initial observation, one might assume it to be a mere idiosyncrasy or a personal preference. However, a deeper investigation reveals that Takahashi’s practice extends beyond himself. Some of his teammates on the Swallows, his regular team, also employ this unusual technique. This suggests that their pitching coach plays a significant role in the adoption of this strategy.

Seeking Answers in Japanese Forums

Curiosity about Takahashi’s hidden glove technique led us to explore Japanese baseball forums in search of answers. Many individuals had similar inquiries, prompting discussions on the subject. One question that emerged frequently was the significance of Takahashi hiding his glove. Research revealed that Takahashi’s gesture is not an isolated phenomenon but rather a practice adopted by several players.

Unveiling the Purpose

The first pitcher credited with implementing this unique technique was Agawa, who achieved a no-hitter using the new set position. This initial success likely prompted other pitchers, including Takahashi, to follow suit. In a 2023 interview with professional baseball commentator Yutaka Tak Kaji, Takahashi was asked about his uniform-pulling habit and whether it served as a means of concealment. According to the translation, Takahashi confirmed that hiding something was indeed the primary purpose behind the gesture.

Takahashi’s Announcement

To add further credence to the intentional nature of his technique, Takahashi himself made a public statement about his uniform gesture. In a tweet, he expressed his intention to incorporate the gesture when entering the set position, highlighting the changes from the previous year. Additionally, Takahashi disclosed that he had been consistently practicing his pitching technique since the end of the previous season.

Analyzing the Glove Position

To comprehend the significance of Takahashi’s hidden glove, it is essential to compare his previous glove position to his current technique. Through images, it becomes evident that in his old set position, the thumb area of the glove is visible, potentially indicating adjustments or changes in grip. However, with his current method of tucking the glove under his jersey, the opening of the glove, particularly the thumb area, is concealed. This suggests that Takahashi may be altering his grip or employing specific strategies that require hiding these movements from the batter.

Takahashi’s Pitch Repertoire

Despite the complexity and uniqueness of Takahashi’s wind-up, he manages to maintain consistency and deliver three distinct pitches. In a game against Australia, he showcased his fastball, curveball, and slider, impressing both spectators and commentators. This ability to execute multiple pitches effectively further underscores the skill and control Takahashi possesses.


Takahashi’s hidden glove technique has captivated baseball enthusiasts around the world. Through extensive research and exploration of Japanese baseball forums, we have uncovered the reasoning behind this peculiar gesture. Takahashi intentionally hides his glove in his jersey as part of a well-thought-out strategy, with his pitching coach likely instructing him and his teammates to adopt this approach. By concealing his hand movements, Takahashi can potentially alter his grip and execute pitches without revealing his tactics to the batter. As the world of baseball continually evolves, players like Takahashi remind us of the creativity and innovation that can emerge within the game.