In the bottom of the seventh inning, the game between the Pirates and their rivals was nothing short of intense. With Perdomo taking the mound to face Soto, the tension was palpable. This breakdown, brought to you by the Warehouse Games YouTube channel, delves into the thrilling encounter that ensued.

The Pitch Sequence

1. Perdomo starts with an away slider on a no-count. Soto seems unfazed.
2. A fastball follows, and Soto nods in acknowledgment, ready to remember it.
3. A 1-1 slider is delivered, with Soto reminding himself to keep his hip in check. Unfortunately, the pitch leaks away, raising concerns.
4. Soto remains confident as he faces a 2-1 pitch, but the runner attempts to steal and is thrown out.
5. Unfazed by the stolen base attempt, Soto anticipates a fastball on the 3-1 pitch, asserting that he had it all along.

The Confrontation

1. Manny comes up to bat, and Perdomo feels challenged, so he throws a pitch behind him. The umpire, Tim Payne, intervenes quickly to prevent escalation.
2. Manny remains composed, nonchalantly going about his business, while Santana from the Pirates apologizes for the incident.
3. The retaliatory pitch grazes Manny, prompting a tense moment between the two players. Perdomo’s actions draw criticism for their apparent intent.
4. The umpires confer, but ultimately, they decide to eject Perdomo without any prior warnings, causing outrage among the Pirates.


1. With Perdomo ejected, the Pirates are forced to bring in another pitcher.
2. Despite the setback, the new pitcher manages to end the inning with a well-placed pitch, but the tension remains high.


The seventh inning showdown between Soto and Perdomo was a gripping display of intense emotions and high-stakes baseball. The incident involving Manny added even more drama to an already heated game. Umpires’ decisions were heavily scrutinized, leaving both teams feeling the weight of the moment. The Warehouse Games YouTube channel captured the excitement, providing fans with thrilling content to subscribe to and enjoy.