In a game between the Chiefs and the Patriots, the Chiefs had a 17-point lead in the fourth quarter. However, despite their advantage, frustration was building for Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

Missed Opportunities

During a play sponsored by SeatGeek, Mahomes had his receiver open, but the ball went off his head and into the hands of a Patriots defender. Mahomes felt the throw was too fast for the receiver to catch, and he expressed his frustration with a look on his face captured on camera.

Puzzling Decision

Instead of going down after the interception, the Patriots defender decided to lateral the ball. This baffled Mahomes, who believed it was a risky move that could have cost the Patriots possession.

Communication Breakdown

After the play, the receiver, Tony, sought validation or consolation from his teammates on the sideline, hoping for some acknowledgment of the missed opportunity. Mahomes expressed his frustration to himself, wondering why the play didn’t work out as planned.

Misheard Words

There were some speculations about what Mahomes said in his moment of frustration. Some thought he said,’I just said it, man’ while others believed he said,’I just don’t get it, man’ The quickness of his utterance made it difficult to determine the exact words.

Lingering Frustration

Regardless of the exact words, it was clear that Mahomes was upset with the outcome of the play. He was visibly frustrated and couldn’t let go of the mistake.

Moving On

While some teammates tried to console Tony and remind him of the lead the Chiefs held, Mahomes couldn’t let go of his frustration. He was still mad and over the play, unable to shake off the annoyance.

The Patriots’ Attempt

Despite being down by 17 points, the Patriots continued to fight. They made a nice catch, picked up some yards, and eventually scored a touchdown, making it a two-possession game.

The Lesson

Amidst the frustration, Mahomes’ main focus was on the importance of catching the ball. He emphasized the need for execution and precision in order to secure the play.