In this article, we will delve into a crucial moment in the Padres vs. Marlins game during the bottom of the sixth inning. With Miguel Rojas at bat and Musgrove on the mound, we witnessed an unexpected turn of events that led to a run for the Padres. We’ll analyze the play, the reactions of the players, and how the team handled the situation.

The Play Unfolds

1. Pitching Duel: Musgrove starts with a fastball just off the plate, followed by a cut fastball and a slider down the middle, keeping Rojas on his toes.

2. Triple for Rojas: Rojas takes a hanging slider and smashes it off the wall, earning himself a triple. His determination and hustle prove vital.

3. Miscommunication: Profar, the shortstop, positions himself at the wrong base, seemingly thinking he needs to cover second, but the play is to hold Rojas at third.

4. Hilarious Moment: While Rojas instructs Profar about the correct play, the Marlins allow him to advance to third. The miscommunication proves costly.

5. Runners in Scoring Position: With Rojas on third, the Marlins bring the infield in to prevent further scoring opportunities.

6. Uncertain Outcome: Unfortunately, we can only speculate whether Rojas would have scored from second or if the infield could have stopped the run if positioned differently.

Post-Play Reactions

1. Frustration and Advice: Manny Machado, known for tough love, addresses the situation with Profar. Musgrove also offers advice on how to handle similar scenarios.

2. Teammate Support: Soto, a new addition to the team, lends his support to Profar and urges him to learn from the mistake and avoid showing up teammates.

3. Apology and Laughter: Profar takes responsibility for his mental mistake and apologizes. Machado lightens the mood, making sure the team maintains a positive atmosphere.

A Lesson Learned

The Padres handled the situation admirably, offering support, constructive criticism, and guidance to Profar. Despite the mistake, the team remains united, recognizing that learning from errors is part of the game.


In this breakdown of the Padres vs. Marlins game, we witnessed a crucial play that led to a run for the Padres. The miscommunication in the field, followed by the team’s positive response, highlights the dynamics of professional baseball. The players’ reactions, camaraderie, and handling of the situation showcase the true spirit of the sport. Baseball enthusiasts appreciate such moments for the lessons they offer, both on and off the field.