The Dodgers and Padres have been engaged in a fierce rivalry this year, marked by intense games, accidental and intentional hits, and moments of frustration. In this article, we’ll delve into one such game that exemplifies the heated competition between these two baseball powerhouses.

The Pitch and the Unfortunate Phone Incident

The game in question takes us back to 1998, where a woman in the stands drops her phone while trying to film the action. The players might not like it, but this incident adds an unexpected twist to the game.

Dustin May’s Frustration on the Mound

In the bottom of the second inning, Dustin May finds himself in a tough spot. After a series of balls and strikes, he becomes visibly frustrated, spinning in annoyance after a play. Despite his efforts, he struggles to find his rhythm on the mound.

Trent Grisham’s Superstition

Trent Grisham steps up to the plate, but his attention seems divided. His flies are still down, and he attributes it to superstition, attempting everything he can to improve his performance. Whether it’s a quirky habit or merely an oversight, Grisham hopes it brings him luck.

A Three-Run Home Run

After a series of suspenseful pitches, Grisham finally connects, hitting a powerful three-run home run that electrifies the stadium. The crowd, especially young fans, bursts into celebration, giving the Padres a significant lead.

The Retaliation

However, the game takes a darker turn. The very next pitch sees a player from the opposing team getting hit by a pitch. Fans express their disapproval with boos, but no one steps in to intervene. The tension on the field rises as players weigh the consequences of getting involved.

The Unfortunate Double Hit

If the hit on Mookie Betts was retaliation for the previous pitch, it backfired for Alfaro, as he got hit again during the incident. This turns an already tense situation into an uncomfortable one for both teams involved.

A Series of Runs

As the game progresses, the players manage to score some runs, and the intensity remains high throughout the innings. Both teams display their skills and determination, keeping the score close.


In this game between the Dodgers and Padres, we witnessed a rollercoaster of emotions, from excitement and joy to frustration and tension. The intense rivalry between these teams always adds drama to the games, making them a spectacle for fans. As the season continues, one thing remains certain: the competition between the Dodgers and Padres will only get more heated.