The World Series has seen its fair share of incredible moments and game-changing plays, but the opening game of this year’s series proved to be one for the history books. In a nail-biting showdown between the Arizona team and their opponents, the bottom of the ninth inning became the stage for intense drama. In this breakdown, we’ll dissect the crucial moments of this thrilling game, brought to you by DraftKings.

A Tense Bottom of the Ninth

The Arizona team found themselves just three outs away from securing a victory in game one of the World Series. They had a reputation for being excellent at closing out games, and the crowd’s anticipation was palpable.

– The first pitch, delivered by seaw Wald, was outside but called a strike by the umpire, leaving the batter in disbelief.
– Wald chose to stick with the outside pitch strategy, but the next one was called a ball.
– The batter, Simeon, had a slider thrown away at him, and he managed to foul it off.
– As tension mounted, the pitcher attempted an up-and-in fastball, but it was promptly met with a big home run by the batter, tying the game. The crowd erupted in celebration.

The Unwavering Fan

Amidst the jubilant celebrations of the crowd, there was one fan who stood out. While everyone was going wild, this dedicated fan remained laser-focused on catching a flying ball, showing incredible concentration and commitment.

Synchronized Celebrations

As the game progressed into extra innings, the celebrations became even more intriguing. Pitcher avaldi and catcher Hedges displayed an uncanny level of synchronization in their celebratory actions. While it was somewhat eerie, it added a unique touch to the game’s atmosphere.

The Bottom of the 11th Inning

The game eventually reached the 11th inning, with the score tied. Adelise Garcia stepped up to the plate for the Rangers, and Arizona decided to bring in a new pitcher, Castro, to face him.

– The pitcher, Necker, shared information about Castro’s pitches, which included a slider, changeup, and fastball.
– Castro attempted to open the at-bat with a slider but failed to execute it effectively.
– Garcia swung over a changeup, putting the count at 3-1.
– The tension was palpable as Castro had not thrown a fastball in the zone yet.
– He eventually had to throw a fastball, and Garcia seized the opportunity, hitting a home run and ending the game in dramatic fashion.

The Lightbulb Celebration

After his game-winning home run, Garcia displayed a unique celebration, throwing his helmet and earning the nickname “light bulb” due to his distinctive head shape. However, the Gatorade shower that followed wasn’t as successful, leaving room for improvement in the celebration department.

Garcia’s Record-Breaking Performance

This game showcased the incredible performance of Adelise Garcia, who broke the MLB record for the most RBIs in a single postseason with 22. His consistent home runs in five consecutive games added to his remarkable stretch of play.


The opening game of the World Series proved to be a memorable spectacle of high-stakes baseball, incredible fan dedication, and synchronized celebrations. Adelise Garcia’s record-breaking performance will be etched into baseball history.