In a thrilling game between the Ottawa and Edmonton hockey teams, an unexpected series of events unfolded, leaving fans amused and players astounded. In this breakdown, we delve into a particular incident involving Norris, shedding light on the comical mishap and his subsequent goal celebration. Join us as we revisit the incident step by step, showcasing the lighthearted side of the game.

The Unfortunate Penalty

As the puck dropped in the third period, tensions were high with the score tied at four. Edmonton had been dominating the shots, but the spotlight shifted to Norris of the Ottawa team. Norris found himself at the center of attention due to an incident that started rather perilously. With his eyes fixed on number nine, Norris inadvertently hooked his stick onto the opponent’s helmet. Recognizing the danger, the referee promptly called a penalty, and Norris had to face the consequences of his action.

A Hilariously Rude Gesture

As Norris skated away to serve his penalty, a surprising twist occurred. Instead of simply carrying his stick, he shockingly ripped the opponent’s helmet off his head and nonchalantly discarded it onto the ice. The unexpected audacity of this act left everyone in awe and drew immense attention from the crowd. Let’s examine the incident in more detail.

Stick Stuck Under the Visor

Upon closer inspection of the replay, it becomes evident that Norris was attempting to lift his stick, but due to his opponent’s movement, there was no resistance. Consequently, the stick slid upward, finding its way underneath the visor of the opponent’s helmet. The stick got stuck, prompting Norris to give it a gentle tug in an attempt to free it.

Norris’ Helmet Troubles

While Norris caused havoc for his opponent, he encountered some trouble of his own. The force applied to remove the stick resulted in his own helmet breaking. Realizing the predicament, Norris handed his damaged helmet to the team’s equipment manager, often referred to as the \”helmet doctor.\” In a light-hearted moment, Norris attempted to wear a spare helmet numbered 16, only to find it too small. He humorously tossed it aside, suggesting that it also needed fixing.

A Borrowed Helmet and an Unexpected Celebration

In a show of camaraderie and sportsmanship, Norris’s teammate offered his own helmet for him to wear. Delighted by the perfect fit, Norris happily accepted and even joked about sharing shoes due to their matching head sizes. Now wearing his buddy’s helmet, Norris joined his team on the power play, eagerly awaiting his moment to shine.

The Goal Celebration Sans Helmet

As fate would have it, Norris seized the opportunity and scored a goal during the power play. What made this moment truly special was that he achieved this feat without wearing his own helmet. The elation of scoring overwhelmed Norris, and he celebrated by playfully imitating a flying motion, showcasing his excitement to the delight of his teammates and fans alike.

A Hilarious Aftermath

In the midst of the jubilation, Norris seemingly forgot about returning the borrowed helmet to his friend. Instead, he casually left it on the ice, not even passing it to the right person. The abandoned helmet lay on the ground as Norris basked in his victorious moment. It remains uncertain whether he intends to continue wearing his buddy’s helmet, but one thing is for sure – this incident will be a memorable highlight in Norris’ career.


In this unforgettable game between Ottawa and Edmonton, Norris’s helmet mishap and subsequent goal celebration added an element of humor and lightheartedness to the intense competition. The incident served as a reminder that even in highly competitive sports, unexpected events can bring joy and amusement to players and fans alike. We thank DraftKings Sportsbook for sponsoring this breakdown and allowing us to appreciate the lighter moments in this great game.