In a recent Yankees-Guardians game, an intriguing situation unfolded due to new rules implemented in the sport. This article explores the details of this situation and the impact of the rule changes on the game. Sponsored by Keeps, a hair loss prevention company, this game provided a platform for uncovering how the rules affected the players’ strategies and gameplay.

The Pitching Technique

One of the key elements affected by the new rules was the pitching technique. The game showcased Shane Bieber pitching a remarkable game while facing challenges with the modified rules. Observing Bieber’s footwork, it becomes evident that pitchers must adhere to specific guidelines. Once their foot is in the air and their knee lifts even slightly, they are required to proceed with their delivery, as dictated by the pitch clock. Deviating from this rule could potentially mislead the pitch clock operator or even the opposing team.

Disengagement Rule

Under the new rules, a disengagement rule was introduced, which limited the number of disengagements a pitcher could make. Pitchers were allowed up to three disengagements, but if they failed to retire the runner on the third attempt, the runner would automatically advance to second base. This rule aimed to maintain the flow of the game and reduce excessive disengagements.

Increased Stolen Bases

The disengagement rule had an unintended consequence of increasing stolen bases and revitalizing base running as an integral part of the sport. With pitchers having to adjust their delivery to comply with the new rules, the opportunity for runners to steal bases became more prominent. This aspect added excitement to the game and reinvigorated base running strategies.

The Confusion

During the game, a moment of confusion occurred between Bieber, the umpire, and the team managers. Bieber, unaware of the specifics of the disengagement rule, made a pickoff attempt after his second disengagement. However, if he failed to retire the runner, the runner would be automatically awarded second base. This lack of awareness led to a perplexing exchange between Bieber, his manager, and the umpire. Despite the confusion, Bieber managed to focus and deliver an exceptional slider, striking out the batter and ending the inning.


The Yankees-Guardians game showcased the impact of new rules on the players’ strategies and gameplay. While the disengagement rule initially caused confusion, it also contributed to more stolen bases and a renewed emphasis on base running. As teams and players adapt to the modified rules, the game continues to evolve, offering fans new dynamics and thrilling moments.