In a thrilling game between the Giants and the Dodgers, the 11th inning was filled with unexpected twists and turns. This article dives into the play-by-play breakdown, highlighting the blunders that unfolded on the field. Sponsored by DraftKings, let’s relive the moments that made this game a rollercoaster ride.

Mookie’s Missed Opportunity

With one out in the bottom of the 11th inning, Mookie stepped up to the plate, carrying the hopes of the Dodgers on his shoulders. The Manfred man stood on second base, and the Dodgers trailed by two runs. The stage was set for a game-changing moment. However, things didn’t go as planned.

A Series of Pitches

As the pitcher, Junis, faced Mookie, he strategically employed a series of pitches. The first three pitches were all moving away from Mookie, starting in the middle and gradually moving away. On the fourth pitch, Junis changed his tactic and aimed for the inside. Mookie swung but missed, resulting in a count of 2-1.

A Popped-Up Pitch

The tension mounted as the count reached 2-2. Junis delivered a pitch that Mookie managed to pop up. It seemed like an easy out, but what followed was anything but predictable.

A Blunder on the Field

The chaos began when the pitcher called for the ball confidently, but the third baseman assured him that he had it under control. However, the ball bounced off the third baseman’s glove, leaving everyone stunned. The pitcher, with quick reflexes, caught the ball and had an opportunity to make a play at first base. Unfortunately, his throw went awry, landing in right field.

The Runners’ Dilemma

With the ball in play, the runner on second contemplated whether he could score. The third base coach, realizing the situation, frantically signaled for him to stop. It was a critical moment. Instead of having a runner on second and third with only one out, the Dodgers were now in a predicament.

Mookie’s Costly Decision

Confusion reigned on the field, but Mookie made a fateful decision. Ignoring the coach’s stop sign, he sprinted toward third base unnecessarily. Meanwhile, the third base coach was preoccupied with giving signs to the runner ahead, leaving Mookie stranded.

The Pursuit and Out

Realizing their opportunity, the Giants went on the offensive. The ball was thrown to Crawford at shortstop, who chased after Mookie. However, Tyro, the second baseman, intervened, signaling for the ball to be thrown to him at home plate. The runners were caught in a deadlock, with the Giants having the upper hand.

Base Running Redemption

Despite his earlier blunder, Mookie’s base running skills shone through. He managed to advance to third base before being tagged out, giving the Dodgers a glimmer of hope. However, the opportunity for a potential rally had been squandered.

Freeman’s Final At-Bat

As the game neared its end, Freddie Freeman stepped up to the plate with a runner on third. This was his chance to turn the tides in favor of the Dodgers.

The Pitch Selection

Freeman eagerly awaited the pitch that would give him the opportunity to tie the game. However, it seemed luck was not on his side. The pitcher repeated the same pitch three times in a row. Freeman’s swings were awkward and unsuccessful, resulting in a disappointing end to the game.

Blunder Fest Comes to an End

Despite committing their fair share of blunders, the Giants emerged victorious. The game showcased the unpredictability and excitement that baseball brings, with both teams displaying moments of brilliance and folly.


The Giants vs. Dodgers game in the 11th inning was a rollercoaster of emotions. Blunders, missed opportunities, and unexpected twists kept fans on the edge of their seats. While the Giants ultimately triumphed, the game highlighted the unpredictable nature of baseball. Thank you to DraftKings for sponsoring this breakdown, and a special appreciation to both the Giants and the Dodgers for their spirited play.