In the world of baseball, certain moments stand out as unforgettable, and one such moment is the clash between umpires and managers over missed calls. During a game, the tension can reach a boiling point, and ejections become a possibility. In this article, we delve into a specific game where the umpire’s calls were anything but accurate, leading to heated exchanges and, eventually, ejections. We also explore the dynamic between umpires and managers, sparking a debate over who holds more influence in the game of baseball.

The Setup: Missed Calls and Speculation

The game begins with questionable calls by the home plate umpire, CB Buckner, missing pitches left and right. The broadcast team picks up on this, speculating which manager might get ejected first due to the escalating frustration.

The First Ejection: A Fiery At-Bat

As the game progresses, the tension reaches its peak in an at-bat with Merrell Kelly on the mound. CB Buckner’s inconsistent calls lead to confusion and frustration for both the batter and the opposing team’s manager, Tori Lavelle. Kelly ends up issuing a lead-off walk, further fueling the fire.

Manager vs. Umpire: The Verbal Showdown

The confrontation continues as the next batter steps up to the plate. Calls go against the pitcher, leading to a 3-0 count. Lavelle sees an opportunity to express his discontent with the umpire’s performance, demanding attention and challenging the calls. The frustration builds, and the spectators witness a fierce verbal exchange between the two.

The Second Ejection: Goldie’s Out!

The intensity escalates further when the star player, Goldie, gets ejected after displaying his disbelief at a questionable call. The manager, Lavelle, seizes the moment to voice his grievances even louder. The stadium witnesses an eruption of emotions as both the player and manager are ejected from the game.

Umpire’s Response and Reflection

After the heated confrontation, CB Buckner remains composed, seemingly unaffected by the turmoil. He receives criticism from the ejected manager, who questions his decisions throughout the game. Despite the accusations, Buckner remains steadfast, brushing off the insults and continuing with the game.

The Broadcasts: Bets and Laughter

Interestingly, the game is covered by multiple broadcasts, each with a unique perspective. One broadcast places bets on which manager will get ejected first, showcasing the blatant frustration with the umpire’s performance. Simultaneously, another broadcast bursts into laughter at the hilarious double-take of a player reacting to a bad call. DraftKings sponsors this breakdown, adding an element of excitement to the unfolding drama.

Umpires vs. Managers: The Debate

The ejections and missed calls raise an intriguing debate about the roles of umpires and managers in the game of baseball. Both sides argue over who holds more sway and impact on the outcome of a match. The confrontation ignites discussions about the essence of the game and its governance.


The baseball game that unfolded with missed calls and ejections provided a gripping display of emotions and controversies. The clash between the umpire and the managers highlighted the passionate nature of the sport, leaving fans and analysts pondering the dynamics between the two parties. Ultimately, this game will be remembered not only for its on-field action but also for the lively debate it sparked regarding the roles of umpires and managers in America’s favorite pastime.