The inning started off on a rough note as the third baseman made an error, allowing Castianos to reach first base. Shortly after, another ball was hit just past the second baseman, giving the Phillies a promising opportunity with two runners on base and no outs in the fourth inning.

JT Realmuto Steps Up to Bat

With the Phillies in a favorable position, JT Realmuto came to the plate. He knew he needed to get on base at any cost to keep the momentum going for his team. The pitcher, Davis, delivered a nice pitch for strike one. Let’s see how Realmuto responds.

A Pitcher’s Mix and Match

Davis tried to mix things up by throwing a slider away on the third pitch of the at-bat. It was a smart move, but Realmuto decided to let it go, considering it wasn’t the right pitch to swing at. With two strikes against him, Realmuto was determined not to go down easily.

The Controversial Call

On the next pitch, Davis threw a fastball that appeared to jam Realmuto. The batter reacted as if he had been hit by the pitch and claimed it grazed his hand. Surprisingly, the umpire agreed, granting Realmuto first base. However, upon reviewing the replays, it became evident that the ball did not actually hit him conclusively.

The Lip-Reading Investigation

In an attempt to determine the truth, the lip-reading investigation began. By closely analyzing the available replays and audio, it was challenging to find conclusive evidence supporting Realmuto’s claim. The sound seemed to indicate the ball hitting the catcher’s glove, rather than the batter’s hand.

Bud Black’s Inquiries

Observing the situation unfold, Bud Black, the opposing team’s manager, couldn’t help but question the umpire’s decision. He walked out to get an answer and demanded a challenge based on the discrepancy. However, he was informed that his team had already used their challenge earlier in the game, leaving them without the option to contest the call.

Bud Black’s Frustration

Bud Black expressed his frustration with the umpire’s unwillingness to rectify the situation. He believed that the umpire missed the call and should have taken the opportunity to review it. The manager’s passionate plea for fairness and the integrity of the game fell on deaf ears.

Ejection and Consequences

As tensions escalated, Bud Black’s frustration grew, leading to his ejection from the game. Frustrated by the umpire’s refusal to reconsider the call, Bud Black expressed his discontent with colorful language and gestures. Despite his objections, the game continued with the Phillies benefiting from the controversial call.

The Game Turns in the Phillies’ Favor

With the bases loaded due to the questionable call, the Phillies took advantage of the opportunity. As Castianos danced off third base, the distracted pitcher threw a ball, allowing Nick to score. Another run was added when a 2-2 pitch was tapped down the third base line, courtesy of the earlier error made by the opposing team’s third baseman.

Bud Black’s Hilarious Persona

Throughout the ordeal, Bud Black’s frustration and humor were on full display. Although ejections are rare for him, he has a knack for comedic reactions and double takes that entertain fans and keep everyone guessing. His unique managerial style adds an element of amusement to the game.