In a thrilling baseball game with the bases loaded in the top of the third inning, an exciting play unfolds. As Joe Ryan delivers a fastball for the first pitch, the batter, Bogart, connects with an 84-mile-per-hour flat slider, sending it soaring into the outfield seats for a home run. But the drama doesn’t end there. A heated debate arises over whether a spectator in the stands truly caught the ball or if it was unfairly taken from her by another fan. In this article, we’ll delve into the play, examine the rules, and discuss whether it was a fair game or foul play.

The Catch and Controversy

As the ball sails into the outfield seats, it lands under the fence but over the padding. The lady in question tries to catch it between her legs, but it slips away, rolling on the ground. A man, presumably a Red Sox fan, executes a skillful double-handed maneuver and ends up with the ball in his possession.

The Possession Debate

The crux of the argument lies in whether the lady had possession of the ball before it was taken away from her. Let’s examine the different perspectives:

Fair Game Argument

– Some argue that the lady had the ball between her legs, akin to an outfielder catching a ball with his legs, which counts as an out. This leg squeeze could be considered a fair catch.

– Others believe that she had initial possession of the ball, making the subsequent grab by the man unjust.

Foul Play Argument

– On the contrary, some view the man’s double-handed maneuver as a skillful attempt to secure the ball and contend that he eventually gained possession, nullifying the lady’s initial catch.

– Additionally, there are concerns about the spectator’s interference. Should spectators be allowed to snatch a ball away from another without consequences?

The Inconsistent Rules

The confusion arises from the rules governing home runs. While the ball passing under the fence is considered a home run, it seems vague compared to a clear \”over-the-fence\” rule. The ambiguity creates scenarios like this, where there are debates over possession and fairness.

Kangaroo Court: You Decide

In a hypothetical kangaroo court, the audience is left to decide the outcome. Here are the questions for consideration:

1. Did the lady’s leg squeeze constitute possession of the ball, similar to an outfielder’s catch?
2. Was the man’s double-handed maneuver a legitimate way of gaining possession?
3. Should spectators be allowed to interfere with catches made by others in the stands?


In the heat of the moment, a contentious play unfolded, leaving baseball fans divided on whether it was fair game or foul play. The debate centers on possession, interpretation of the rules, and the involvement of spectators in the game. While some argue the lady’s leg squeeze was a fair catch, others contend that the man’s double-handed maneuver nullified her possession. Ultimately, the decision lies in the hands of the audience, who must weigh the arguments and reach their verdict on this intriguing and controversial play.