In a recent Yankees game, an unexpected twist took place as the spotlight shifted from the action on the field to the mind games being played between pitcher Garrett Cole and Mariners’ nine-hole hitter Caballero. This article delves into the entertaining drama that unfolded during their at-bats, showcasing moments of frustration, retaliation, and a hilarious wagging finger battle.

The Intriguing At-Bats

Caballero’s Stylish Approach

As Caballero stepped up to the plate, he brought his own flair to the game. He showcased his confidence with a bat flip, bat twirl, and even some stylish shoe moves while waiting for the pitch. Despite his showmanship, Cole managed to strike him out with a well-executed slider, ending the first at-bat.

A Battle of Timing

Caballero’s second at-bat was where the mind games truly began. Looking to disrupt Cole’s rhythm, he requested a timeout, but the request went unheard by the umpire. Cole took advantage of the opportunity and threw a blazing 97 mph fastball that Caballero couldn’t touch. This prompted a series of bat twirls, taps, and nods from Caballero, trying to get under Cole’s skin. Unfazed, Cole waited patiently, twirling his bat and playing along. Eventually, the pitch was delivered, but it resulted in a broken bat, much to Caballero’s frustration.

The Displeased Call and Intimidating Laughter

During Caballero’s third at-bat, tension escalated further. After a called strike that Caballero disagreed with, he expressed his displeasure and took a stroll away from the batter’s box. Cole urged himself to remain calm as he fired a 99 mph fastball down the middle. Caballero, still trying to disrupt Cole’s focus, took his time to return to the batter’s box. The mind games continued as Trevino, the Mariners’ catcher, suggested various pitch options to Caballero, but Cole eventually delivered a fastball. This time, however, he aimed high above the strike zone, catching Caballero off guard. The onlookers reacted, but a man in a green shirt remained unfazed.

The Hilarious Finger Wagging Battle

As the at-bat continued, Cole threw a cutter away for ball two. With a full count, tensions rose. Cole knew he couldn’t afford to walk Caballero after intentionally throwing a ball. The next pitch was crucial. With a swing and a miss, Caballero struck out, and Cole couldn’t help but laugh and stare him down. This provoked Mariners’ coach Scott Servais, who yelled and wagged his finger at Cole from the dugout. In response, Cole wagged his finger back, engaging in a comical wagging match between manager and pitcher.


The Yankees game provided more than just the typical on-field action. The entertaining drama between Garrett Cole and Caballero showcased a battle of wits, mind games, and playful retaliation. Despite the tension, both players kept their cool, adding an amusing twist to the game. This incident serves as a reminder that baseball is not only about skill but also about the mental aspects and the unexpected moments that make the sport so captivating.