With the game tied at 1-1 in the bottom of the 10th inning, the White Sox had a runner on base, eager to secure the winning run. Their strategy was clear: move the runner over to third base. A simple bunt could potentially set the stage for a victorious outcome.

A Unique Defensive Formation

To counter the bunt strategy, the Tigers made a strategic defensive move. Shifting their fielders, they brought an outfielder into the infield, resulting in a configuration of five infielders. This positioning aimed to prevent a potential sacrifice fly, which would grant the White Sox an automatic win. The tension mounted as both teams prepared for the pivotal play.

A Ground Out and an Intentional Walk

The batter stepped up to the plate, facing a high-pressure situation. Unfortunately for the White Sox, he hit the ball right into the wall of infielders, resulting in a ground out. With two outs, the intentional walk was issued to the next batter, putting runners on first and third bases.

The Unexpected Hit by Pitch

As the tension continued to build, the Tigers made a fateful decision. The pitcher unleashed a sinker, aiming to challenge the following batter. However, the pitch missed its target and struck the batter on the arm. The hit by pitch loaded the bases, intensifying the drama and raising the stakes even higher.

A Crossed-Up Call

At this point, the game hinged on the performance of Tim Anderson, the White Sox batter. But fate had one more surprise in store. The catcher called for a breaking ball, while the pitcher anticipated a fastball. This miscommunication led to a crossed-up call, with the pitch unexpectedly veering off course and hitting the umpire in the face.

The White Sox Seize Victory

Despite the unintended diversion caused by the pitch hitting the umpire, the game continued. If the ball had simply been a past ball, the consequences might have been less severe. Nevertheless, the crossed-up call ultimately sealed the victory for the White Sox. They emerged triumphant, securing an unorthodox and memorable win.

Concern for the Umpire

In the aftermath of the unexpected incident, the umpire showed resilience and determination. Although momentarily stunned, he quickly regained his composure, staying focused on making the necessary calls. Both Tim Anderson and the catcher displayed concern for the umpire’s well-being, ensuring he was alright before proceeding with the post-game celebrations.

A Memorable and Unconventional Ending

The White Sox celebrated their victory, while the Tigers were left to reflect on a tumultuous final inning. The series of events leading to the win included a ghost runner, a sack bunt, a ground out, an intentional walk, a hit by pitch, and a wild pitch. It was a sequence of events that defied convention but ultimately led to the White Sox emerging as the victors.


In the realm of baseball, unpredictable moments often create lasting memories. The game between the White Sox and the Tigers will certainly be remembered for its unconventional ending. As the players and fans reflect on this extraordinary turn of events, the spirit of the game and the resilience of its participants shine through.