In the world of baseball, there have been countless memorable moments, from incredible home runs to astonishing catches. However, sometimes the most unforgettable moments are the ones where everything goes wrong. One such incident occurred during a game that left both players and fans scratching their heads. This breakdown will dive into the peculiar incident where every player on the field forgot how many outs there were in an inning.

The Setup

The game was progressing as usual until the start of the sixth inning. The main culprit behind this bizarre blunder was the very first pitch of the inning, which didn’t result in an out. Instead, it was popped up to the left fielder, prompting confusion among the players.

One Out, Two Outs, Three Outs?

As the first pitch was caught, the left fielder, low Castro, secured the ball for the first out. This was where the confusion began. The batter, Hopi, came up next, and the excitement was palpable as he returned from a season plagued by injury. However, Hopi’s at-bat was far from straightforward.

– He fouled the fastball back.
– He laid off the split.
– He fouled another pitch back, making it 2-2.
– And then, he fouled yet another one back, maintaining the 2-2 count.

Then, out of nowhere, it happened. Ball four. Now, there was a runner on base, and the players were about to reveal their collective lapse in memory.

The Double Play That Wasn’t

The pitcher, thinking on his feet, turned to the second baseman, seemingly ready for a double play. The shortstop and the third baseman joined in, thinking the same thing. They all believed there were two outs, not one.

However, the truth was that there was only one out.

Outfielder’s Confusion

But the confusion didn’t stop with the infielders. Even the outfielders, who should have known better, fell victim to the miscount. Tilo, the left fielder who had caught the first out, was among those who thought there were two outs. They all began walking backward as if the inning had ended.

The Scoreboard Mystery

One might wonder how this collective amnesia could occur. It turns out that they were all relying on the scoreboard, which had somehow missed the first out. However, none of the players questioned the scoreboard’s accuracy. Even Tilo, who had made the first catch, didn’t seem to find anything amiss.

The Aftermath

Finally, someone on the coaching staff intervened. Buck Showalter, the team’s coach, expressed his bewilderment at what was happening on the field. The catcher, on the other hand, defended the players, claiming that the scoreboard had misled them. It was a situation that left everyone scratching their heads.


In the world of sports, unusual moments like these can provide both humor and frustration. This incident serves as a reminder that even in the most organized and structured environments, confusion can reign supreme. It’s a testament to the unpredictability of sports and the need for players to stay sharp and aware at all times. After all, in baseball, as in life, it’s essential to know how many outs there are, just as it’s crucial to take care of your beloved pets.