In a thrilling basketball match between the Suns and the Raptors, tensions ran high as the game came down to the wire. With only six seconds left on the clock and the score difference being a single point, every move mattered. However, amidst the intensity, an unexpected incident involving the mascot added a touch of humor to the game.

Mascot Interference

As Devin Booker stepped up to the free-throw line to shoot two crucial shots, his teammates gathered around him in a show of solidarity. Surprisingly, in an otherwise empty arena due to COVID-19 restrictions, the mascot was present, enthusiastically cheering on the team. This, however, did not sit well with Booker.

Booker’s Complaint

Booker, focused on his shots, was visibly annoyed by the mascot’s presence. He expressed his dissatisfaction to the referee, pointing out that the mascot was obstructing his line of sight and causing distractions. Understanding the situation, the referee approached the mascot and instructed him to move away from the court.

The Disheartened Mascot

Complying with the referee’s request, the mascot reluctantly retreated to a different area. It was evident that the mascot’s intention was to support the team, but the rules had to be followed. His saddened expression reflected the conflict between his desire to contribute and the need to adhere to the game’s regulations.

Booker’s Redemption

With the mascot no longer in his line of sight, Booker regained his composure and successfully made the next free throw, securing a crucial point for his team. The incident, now lighthearted, brought a smile to Booker’s face as he playfully acknowledged the mascot’s unintentional interference.

A Repeat Incident

The mascot’s misfortune did not end there. Shortly after Booker’s shot, another Suns player, Chris Paul, was fouled and also headed to the free-throw line. Aware of the previous incident, Booker jokingly reminded the mascot to stay on the designated side of the court. The mascot obediently complied, accepting the loss of his previous freedom to roam around.

The Game-Winning Shot

With the crowdless arena buzzing with excitement, Chris Paul confidently sank both free throws, securing the victory for the Suns. The game concluded on a positive note, with the incident adding an amusing anecdote to the overall experience.

Post-Game Reactions

During the post-game interviews, Booker and Paul were asked about the mascot incident. Both players took it in good humor, emphasizing the friendly nature of their shooting competitions during practice. They acknowledged that even in such intense moments, they find reasons to complain, but ultimately, it’s all part of the camaraderie and fun within the team.


The Suns vs. Raptors game will be remembered not only for its competitive nature but also for the unexpected involvement of the mascot. The incident showcased the lighter side of the game, providing a moment of amusement amidst the fierce competition. Basketball fans and players alike can appreciate the blend of intensity and humor that makes the sport so captivating.