In a highly charged game between the Phillies and the Nationals, a controversial call by the umpires sparked a heated argument that ultimately led to the ejection of Nationals manager, Davey Martinez. The play in question occurred in the top of the Tenth Inning with the score tied at six, and the Phillies had two runners in scoring position with only one out. The Nationals decided to bring the infield in to cut off the runner from scoring and keep the game tied.

The Controversial Play

1. The pitcher delivers a curveball for strike one, followed by a fastball clocked at 89 miles per hour for strike two.
2. The batter hits a jam shot, resulting in a little collision in the infield as both teams react to the play.
3. The first run scores, but the next Runner is called out, leading to a disagreement between the teams and the umpires.

Martinez’s Argument

1. Davey Martinez argues that the defender obstructed the runner, preventing him from scoring.
2. The umpires rule that the contact came after the play, and since the defender didn’t have the ball, he couldn’t make contact with the runner.

The Umpires’ Rationale

1. The umpires maintain that the defender had already attempted to make a play on the ball before the contact occurred.
2. According to the rules, once a fielder tries to field the ball, it’s their responsibility to get out of the runner’s way.

Martinez’s Ejection

1. Frustrated by the umpires’ decision, Davey Martinez argues vehemently, and as a result, he is ejected from the game.
2. The argument escalates as Martinez confronts the umpire face-to-face, leading to his eventual ejection from the game.

Post-Game Analysis

1. The Phillies dugout checks the play from multiple angles to determine if the contact was a genuine attempt to field the ball or an obstruction.
2. The pool reporter provides the umpires’ reasoning for the obstruction call, indicating that they felt the fielder had already made a play on the ball before the contact occurred.
3. The game-changing run scored by the Nationals was ultimately the difference between winning and losing the game.


The controversial call and subsequent ejection of Davey Martinez added an intense and emotional element to the Phillies vs. Nationals game. While the umpires defended their decision based on their interpretation of the rule, the close call will undoubtedly spark further debate among fans and baseball enthusiasts. Ultimately, the Nationals were on the losing end of the decision, leaving them disappointed in the outcome of the game.