In the world of baseball, there are moments that leave fans on the edge of their seats, hearts racing with excitement. The game between Georgia Tech and Wright State proved to be one such spectacle, where the ninth inning unfolded in an extraordinary manner. Georgia Tech had a comfortable lead of seven to three, but what followed was a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with errors, wild pitches, and last-minute heroics that baseball enthusiasts cherish. Let’s delve into the breakdown of this unforgettable inning and the dramatic turn of events that led to a dual celebration for Georgia Tech.

The Climactic Moments

1. An Unfortunate Error: The ninth inning commenced with Georgia Tech up seven to three, but a crucial throwing error opened the door for Wright State to stage a comeback.

2. First and Third Situation: The next batter for Wright State flared the ball into right-center, placing runners on first and third, creating a promising scoring opportunity.

3. The Wiggly Dude and the Intense At-Bat: With the bases loaded, a wiggly batter stepped up to the plate. He exhibited an impressive display of patience, making it a nail-biting at-bat with several balls and fouls.

4. Tension Mounts: The tension escalated as the bases remained loaded, and the score tightened to seven to four.

5. Pitcher Change: Wright State’s coach decided to bring in a new pitcher, hoping for a better outcome.

6. A Flare Shot to Shortstop: Bases loaded once more, a little flare shot went to the shortstop. The decision to go for an athletic play instead of securing the shore out at first led to a thrilling moment on the field.

7. A Glorious Opportunity: With one more out to go, Georgia Tech had a chance to secure victory.

8. Wright State’s Rally: The momentum shifted as Wright State tied the game with a clutch hit, setting the stadium into a frenzy.

9. The Icy Closer: Wright State’s closer, number six, came onto the mound, exhibiting cold, unwavering focus.

10. Another Error: The bottom of the ninth mirrored the top of the inning with an error on the shortstop, giving Georgia Tech a chance to turn the tables.

11. The Tying Run: A bunt attempt led to an intense moment when the batter got hit by the pitch, placing the tying run on third base.

12. Bases Loaded: Wright State intentionally walked a batter, loading up the bases, and putting the pressure on Georgia Tech’s defense.

13. The Justin Turner Look-alike: A young player from Georgia Tech, who resembled the famous Justin Turner, stepped up to bat with the chance to be the hero.

14. A Deep Hit to Center Field: The pitch came, and the batter sent the ball deep to center field, creating an intense tracking moment for the outfielder.

15. A Drop and a Tie: The center fielder caught the ball, but a drop allowed the tying run to score, tying the game.

16. The Go-Ahead Run: In a close play at the plate, the go-ahead run scored, leading to jubilation among Georgia Tech players and fans.

17. Replay Review Drama: A momentary halt occurred as the umpires decided to review the play. After a brief suspense, the call stood, allowing Georgia Tech to celebrate their walk-off victory twice.


The game between Georgia Tech and Wright State will be remembered as one of the craziest ninth innings in college baseball history. Filled with errors, wild pitches, and last-minute heroics, the game showcased the unpredictable nature of this beloved sport. Fans witnessed a remarkable display of passion, determination, and resilience from both teams, leaving them with memories to cherish for a lifetime. Baseball, with all its thrilling moments, truly captures the essence of sportsmanship and the joy of competition.