Freddie Freeman, the star player for the Los Angeles Dodgers, is having an exceptional season. In this breakdown, brought to you by DraftKings, we delve into a crucial moment where Freddie Freeman was just one double away from tying the all-time Dodgers doubles record in a single season. Join us as we dissect this game-changing play.

The Buildup

The tension was palpable as Freeman stepped up to the plate, knowing that he had a chance to make history. DraftKings, the sponsor of this thrilling moment, added to the excitement.

Freeman’s Moment

As Freeman awaited the pitch, the count stood at 2-0. He got a pitch that he liked, and without hesitation, he turned on it, sending the ball down the line.

The Kid and the Ball Boy

What followed was a series of events that had everyone on their toes. Mookie Betts, who was on first base, made a dash for it. However, a young fan with a glove was in pursuit of the same ball. The ball boy, instead of letting the situation unfold, threw the ball away. The kid had a clear shot at it until an adult in the row in front disrupted the play.

The Confusion Unfolds

As chaos ensued beneath them, the right fielder and his security guard buddy seemed oblivious to what was happening. The confusion was real, with the right fielder making a face that mirrored the fans’ bewilderment.

The Controversial Call

The umpires had to deliberate, considering whether this was fan interference. In the end, they ruled in favor of Freddie Freeman, awarding him the double. Mookie Betts would have scored if not for the commotion.

A Commemorative Ball’s Odd Journey

To commemorate this historic moment, the ball was thrown into the crowd by the ball boy. However, it took an odd journey, going from \”out\” to \”in.\” This left many scratching their heads, including the commentator, who, despite watching a lot of baseball, couldn’t quite grasp the significance.

Freeman’s Heroics

Freddie Freeman’s double put him in the Dodgers’ record books for the most doubles in a single season. The ball boy, despite the initial chaos, didn’t ultimately affect the outcome of the play.


In the end, this play was a rollercoaster of emotions, from confusion and controversy to celebration. Freddie Freeman’s record-breaking double will be remembered in Dodgers’ history, and the odd journey of the commemorative ball will surely be a topic of discussion among baseball fans for years to come.