Australia recently hosted Pakistan for a summer tour, and during the first test match, there was a fun and sneaky moment that took place on the field. This breakdown will analyze the incident and shed some light on the intricacies of the game of cricket.

Sneaky Move by Australia

In this particular incident, the ball was played by the batsman, Shafi, who had faced 113 balls and scored 39 runs. Australia’s fielder, Mares, quickly passed the ball to the wicket-keeper, Alex Cary, without the batsman noticing. The wicket-keeper then decided to wait for the batsman to lift his foot off the ground before attempting to hit the stumps with the ball. This is because according to the rules of cricket, the keeper must be grounded behind the white line when attempting a run-out.

Gentle Touch on the Wood

However, as the wicket-keeper gently touched the stumps with the ball, nothing happened. The bails on top of the stumps did not move, which meant that the batsman was not out. It seemed like the wicket-keeper, Alex Cary, did not touch the stumps hard enough to dislodge the bails. This may have been a conscious decision to avoid any controversy, especially since Cary had been involved in a controversial stumping incident earlier in the Ashes series.

Analysis: Split-Screen Review

Even though the incident was not reviewed, it is interesting to analyze it in more detail. Upon closely reviewing the footage, it appears that the wicket-keeper’s foot was still in the air when he initially touched the stumps. However, as the foot came down, he finally hit the wood. It is worth noting that in order for a batsman to be out, the bails on top of the stumps need to be disturbed and move.

No Trickery, Just Skill

Despite the sneaky move by Australia, they were unable to get the batsman out in this instance. However, just two overs later, Lyon, another Australian player, managed to dismiss Shafi in a legitimate manner. Lyon bowled a leg break, a type of pitch that starts outside the off stump and spins towards the leg stump. The batsman attempted to hit the ball towards midwicket but missed, resulting in a catch by Warner. The spin and movement of the ball caused the batsman to misjudge it.


In conclusion, the Australia vs Pakistan test match provided an interesting and sneaky moment on the field. The attempt to dismiss the batsman through a clever maneuver did not succeed, but it added an element of excitement to the game. Cricket enthusiasts, as well as those new to the sport, can appreciate the skill and strategy involved in such incidents.