Having led the league in home runs last year and broken the American League record, expectations are high for Judge. However, facing Logan Webb, a formidable pitcher known for his skills, Judge faces a challenge right from the start.

The First Inning

In this crucial first inning, Webb decides to test Judge with a pitch he had been getting called as a strike frequently in the game – an inside pitch. Surprising everyone, including Judge, Webb aims to catch the slugger off guard. This strategy, however, is short-lived, as the umpire, Laz Diaz, consistently calls strikes on the outside of the plate throughout the game.

Webb’s Adjustments

Realizing that the outside pitch is proving effective, Webb adjusts his approach accordingly. He starts incorporating a slider off the outside pitch, confounding the batters. Webb’s pitching prowess is on full display as he dominates the game, making only one or two minor mistakes. Despite being a ground ball pitcher, Judge remains unfazed, confident in his ability to hit home runs.

Judge’s Explosive Performance

True to form, Judge proves his mettle in his first at-bat, crushing the ball for a home run. Yankees fans, including the author, erupt with joy, thrilled to witness another remarkable display of power from their star player. Gleber Torres follows suit, capitalizing on another pitch left in the middle by Webb and adding to the Yankees’ lead.

Laz Diaz’s Balloon Encounter

In a light-hearted moment during the game, a balloon makes its way onto the field. Laz Diaz, the umpire, attempts to catch the balloon with both hands, assuming a perfect position. However, much to everyone’s amusement, Diaz fumbles and fails to secure the balloon. The balloon itself bears a simple message, \”Hit me,\” on one side and \”Go Yankees\” on the other. Diaz’s reaction suggests his displeasure at the playful interruption.


Opening Day showcases the excitement and drama that comes with the beginning of a new baseball season. Aaron Judge’s remarkable home run and Logan Webb’s impressive pitching performance are the highlights of the game. Meanwhile, Laz Diaz’s amusing encounter with the balloon adds a lighthearted touch to the proceedings. As the season unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate more moments of brilliance and entertainment on the baseball field.