In a thrilling matchup between the Arkansas and Texas softball teams, one at-bat stood out among the rest. Hannah Gamel, the talented third baseman batting fifth, stepped up to the plate with an impressive track record: a .377 batting average, a .515 on-base percentage, and 18 homers. With two outs and runners on first and third, Gamel had the opportunity to extend her team’s lead. What followed was a remarkable 19-pitch at-bat that kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

The Battle Begins

The first pitch came in as a little screwball, slightly up and in at 61 miles per hour. Gamel, with great plate discipline, let it go for a ball. The count was 1-0. The next pitch was a called strike, making it 1-1. The broadcasters noted that the pitcher seemed to rely heavily on this particular pitch, and Gamel adjusted by moving up in the box, anticipating its arrival.

Going Pitch by Pitch

The next several pitches followed a similar pattern. The pitcher continued to throw the screwball, and Gamel was ahead of it, ready to connect. Pitch after pitch, she fouled them off, showing incredible determination and focus. The at-bat was already taking longer than usual, drawing reactions from the crowd and even the other players.

A Twist in the Tale

Pitch number nine offered a change-up at 53 miles per hour, catching Gamel off guard, but she managed to stay alive. The at-bat surpassed ten pitches, and the excitement in the stadium was palpable. Both teams and fans were fully invested in the battle.

The Controversial Call

Pitch number 15 proved to be a pivotal moment. Gamel swung, and the ball appeared to hit her, prompting a heated debate between the teams. Texas claimed that it hit her, while the umpires believed it hit the bat. A video review was requested, but to everyone’s surprise, the umpires ruled that hit by pitches were not reviewable. The at-bat continued.

The Final Outcome

As the pitches kept coming, the intensity grew. Finally, on the 19th pitch, the second baseman made an outstanding play, ending the battle. Gamel’s weak contact resulted in an out, and both teams celebrated the end of a remarkable at-bat.

The Aftermath

Though the 19-pitch at-bat was exhausting, the players demonstrated incredible resilience and sportsmanship throughout the ordeal. In softball, pitchers can handle high pitch counts more easily than in baseball, where such an at-bat would be devastating to a pitcher’s outing.


The epic 19-pitch at-bat between Hannah Gamel and the Texas pitcher will go down in softball history as a true display of determination and skill. It showcased the mental and physical strength of both the batter and the pitcher and provided a memorable moment for fans and players alike. Softball fans will remember this remarkable battle for years to come.