After a decisive victory by the Louisville team, both teams proceeded to the customary handshake line. As the players exchanged pleasantries, the tension between Haley Van Lith and Sonya Morris became apparent. While the coach and others offered kind words and praise for a well-played game, Morris decided to address Haley with a confrontational remark.

The Verbal Exchange

Morris stopped Haley in the handshake line and expressed her thoughts. Although the exact words are not entirely clear, it appeared that she said, \”Call me a expletive again, I’m about to beat your ass.\” This statement, filled with intensity and animosity, suggested a desire for retaliation.

Interpretations and Reactions

In the background of this encounter, Haley’s teammates observed the situation with concern. Some viewers initially speculated that Morris had said \”honorable mention,\” alluding to a past incident. However, a closer analysis suggests that she did, in fact, utter the phrase mentioned earlier.

Haley’s brother and father were also present, each offering their own unique reactions. Her brother took the opportunity to taunt her about the loss, while her dad seemed oblivious to the tension, displaying a lighthearted and joyous demeanor.

Post-Incident Reactions

Following the exchange, Haley proceeded to continue the handshakes with her teammates, albeit with a slightly distracted and less-than-ideal execution. Despite this, she maintained her composure and completed the line with determination.

Notably, the coach, who was initially thought to be intervening, turned out to be blissfully unaware of the unfolding drama. His enthusiastic celebration showcased his uninformed state, akin to a character from a sitcom.


The trash talk incident in the handshake line during the tournament game left a lasting impression. Despite the tensions and confrontational remark, Haley Van Lith displayed resilience, maintaining her focus and completing the handshakes. This incident serves as a reminder that emotions can run high in competitive sports, often resulting in unexpected and intense encounters.