In the world of playoff baseball, there are moments that define a player’s career. Royce Lewis had his moment, and it was nothing short of spectacular. In this breakdown, we’ll delve into his performance and dissect what made it so remarkable. This analysis is brought to you by SeatGeek, and we’d like to express our gratitude for their sponsorship.

Selective Hitting

Royce Lewis showcased an exceptional level of selective hitting during this playoff game. One of the key aspects of his success was his ability to discern which pitches to swing at. He didn’t just swing at anything that came his way. Let’s break down his thought process at the plate:

– Breaking Ball Awareness: When a nice breaking ball clipped the zone, he let it pass. He didn’t want that strike.

– Avoiding the Splitter in the Dirt: Gossman tried to fool him with a splitter in the dirt, but Lewis didn’t take the bait.

– Disciplined Approach: Royce Lewis displayed discipline by not swinging at fastballs that were outside the strike zone.

– Seizing the Opportunity: When the count was favorable at 2-2, he challenged the pitcher to bring it into the zone. The result? A powerful connection with a 97 mph fastball for a home run.

The Impactful Home Run

The moment that defined the game and left fans in awe was Royce Lewis’ impressive home run. Let’s relive that moment:

– Crucial at-bat: With a full count, Lewis squared up and delivered a powerful hit.

– Taking Control: He got his hands in on a 97 mph fastball and sent it flying to left field, securing a big home run.

– Celebration: Lewis celebrated the homer with enthusiasm, with high fives and cheers from his teammates.

Second Home Run – A Repeat Performance

In his next at-bat, Gossman again attempted to fool Lewis with splitters. However, Lewis remained composed and focused on the task at hand:

– Unfazed by Splitters: Gossman’s repeated use of the splitter didn’t deter Lewis. He didn’t chase the pitches.

– Discerning the Fastball: When the count was 3-1, Lewis didn’t take any chances and patiently waited for a fastball.

– Another Home Run: The result? Another home run, this time to right field. Lewis had two home runs in his first two postseason at-bats.

A Historic Victory

Royce Lewis’ performance was instrumental in Minnesota’s historic victory. This win marked a significant moment for the franchise:

– End of the Drought: Minnesota secured their first playoff game win in what seemed like an eternity.

– Fan Frenzy: The crowd and team alike celebrated Lewis’ incredible performance with unbridled enthusiasm.


In conclusion, Royce Lewis left an indelible mark on playoff baseball with his exceptional selective hitting and powerful home runs. His ability to remain composed under pressure and make the most of his at-bats played a pivotal role in securing a historic victory for Minnesota. This breakdown was made possible by SeatGeek, and we extend our sincere appreciation to them for their sponsorship. Thank you for joining us in celebrating this extraordinary baseball moment.