In a thrilling game at Fenway Park, Boston found themselves in a tricky situation during the top of the first inning. They were already down 1-0, and the bases were loaded with only one out. This breakdown is brought to you by DraftKings, and let’s dive into the confusing play that unfolded during this intense moment.

The First Pitch

The pitcher delivers a little slider way outside, resulting in ball one. Then, a sinker comes inside, making it a 1-1 count. Another slider is thrown, but it’s way outside again. The pitcher regains control with a sinker outside, and the umpire calls it a strike, making it a 3-2 count. The batter manages to put the ball in play, leading to a series of puzzling events.

The Catch or Not Catch Dilemma

As the batter makes contact, confusion arises. The fielder appears to catch the ball, and the umpire signals an out. However, upon further examination, it’s unclear whether the ball was caught on the fly or if it bounced off the ground first. The lack of conclusive replay angles at Fenway Park adds to the uncertainty.

The Umpire’s Call

Despite the uncertainty, the umpire initially calls the batter out on the catch. The Red Sox’s infielder, Arroyo, questions the ruling, wondering if the out should apply to the runner on third base as well. The manager, Corey, suggests stepping off the mound and attempting a double play by getting the runner at third.

The Double Out Controversy

Following the manager’s advice, the pitcher steps off and throws to third base, and the umpire calls the runner at third base out. However, confusion ensues as the runner at second base, Olson, thinks he’s out as well. Devers, the Red Sox player, tags Olson, believing it’s a double play. Olson protests, realizing that he slid back to second base in time and wasn’t doubled up.

The Umpire’s Error

To everyone’s surprise, the umpire, rather sheepishly, admits his mistake. He had called Olson out without realizing that he had made it back to second base safely. The true out was the runner, Ozzy, who was at third base. The mix-up leads to confusion and protests from the players and managers.


The confusing baseball play at Fenway Park brought a moment of uncertainty and chaos to the game. Despite the umpire’s error, the Red Sox benefited from the confusion, securing crucial outs and ultimately saving the day. While challenging for the players and fans alike, these unexpected twists and turns are what make baseball an unpredictable and exciting sport.