It was a beautiful night in Los Angeles, and the stage was set for a historic moment in baseball history. Albert Pujols, one of the greatest hitters of all time, stood at the plate with 698 home runs to his name. Just two more, and he would join the exclusive 700 home run club, a feat achieved by only three other players at that time. The atmosphere was electric, and the crowd was eager to witness baseball history unfold.

Pujols’ Journey to 700

Albert Pujols stepped up to the plate as the pitcher, Heaney, delivered the first pitch – a strike. The count stood at 1-1, and anticipation filled the air. Pujols fouled off a pitch, breaking his bat in the process. However, luck seemed to favor him as he received a brand new bat from the batboy. With his first swing, Pujols connected with a fastball and sent it soaring to left field, marking his 699th home run.

The Confusing Double High Five

After his momentous homer, Pujols experienced a light-hearted yet confusing exchange with his teammates. As they attempted to give him double high fives to celebrate his achievement, Pujols playfully responded with a one-handed approach, leading to a comical and endearing interaction.

The 700th Home Run

As the game progressed, the entire stadium rose to its feet, regardless of team allegiance, as Pujols stood at the precipice of history. He faced a slider in the top of the zone, and without hesitation, he crushed it for his 700th career home run. The crowd erupted in jubilation, and a lucky fan caught the momentous ball, securing his place in history.

Heartwarming Celebrations

The joyous celebrations continued as Pujols rounded the bases with a beaming smile. High fives were exchanged with teammates, and he even took a moment to interact with Adrian Beltre, a former player and friend, in the front row.

Love and Appreciation

Pujols received hugs and appreciation from everyone around him, including opponents and teammates alike. Even the crowd in the outfield, along with Dodgers manager and coaching staff, expressed their admiration for the historic achievement.

An Unforgettable Moment

As the celebrations ensued, Pujols took a moment to appreciate the significance of the occasion. Tears welled up in his eyes, a testament to the magnitude of his accomplishment. The curtain call brought more cheers from the crowd, and Pujols took a moment to reflect on his incredible journey.


Albert Pujols’ 700th home run marked an unforgettable night in Los Angeles and solidified his status as one of the all-time baseball greats. The milestone not only showcased his skill as a player but also his sportsmanship and camaraderie with fellow athletes. This historic achievement will forever be remembered by baseball fans around the world, and the momentous event was made possible, in part, thanks to the support of DraftKings, the sponsor of this incredible baseball breakdown.