Amir Garrett found himself in a peculiar and unforgettable situation on the mound. As he started the seventh inning with a commanding lead, what should have been a routine inning quickly turned into a series of unexpected events that left everyone stunned. Let’s take a closer look at the breakdown of this extraordinary sequence of occurrences.

The Seventh Inning Unfolds

Amir Garrett began the inning with confidence, armed with a strong lead. He initiated his pitching display with a well-executed fastball on the outside corner, securing a strike. Building on this success, he decided to follow it up with a slider. Although the pitch didn’t receive a favorable call from the umpire, Garrett took mental note of its effectiveness and stored it away for later use. Encouraged by the feel of the slider, he proceeded to throw another one, resulting in a swing and a miss, putting the count at one and two.

The Slider Strategy

As the inning progressed, Garrett continued to rely on his slider. He unleashed three consecutive sliders, causing the batter to foul off one of them. This repetition of sliders showcased Garrett’s confidence in the pitch and posed a challenging situation for the batter. However, amidst the intense moments, something appeared amiss. Garrett started to breathe heavily, indicating potential discomfort or distress.

Chirping from the Dugout

At this point, the tension escalated when the umpire, in response to taunts from the White Sox dugout, turned his attention away from the game. Words were exchanged, directed at both Garrett and the umpire, escalating the already charged atmosphere. Unaware of Garrett’s condition, the umpire’s focus remained on the commotion caused by the opposing team.

A Player Ejected

In the midst of the chaos, the situation took an unexpected turn. Andrew Benintendi, a former Royal player, may have intentionally diverted the umpire’s attention from Garrett’s discomfort. The exchange between Benintendi and the umpire led to the ejection of Benintendi from the game. Unaware of the turmoil faced by Garrett, the umpire’s primary concern was to restore order and remove disruptive elements from the field.

Managerial Confusion

Following Benintendi’s ejection, the White Sox manager stepped onto the field, aiming to argue with the umpire regarding a previous play. However, as he approached the mound, he noticed Garrett’s condition and became genuinely concerned. His focus shifted from the argument to the well-being of the pitcher. Confusion ensued as the manager attempted to decipher the situation and understand Garrett’s physical state.

Amir Garrett’s Struggle

During this chaotic sequence, Garrett believed he could push through and continue pitching. Attempting to stand up, he quickly realized the adverse effects of his physical distress. As a team physician approached him, seeking to evaluate his condition, Garrett’s discomfort intensified. Frustrated and feeling unwell, he made it clear that he did not want anyone too close to him, pushing away those who attempted to offer assistance.

A Nauseating Moment

Unfortunately, Garrett’s struggle took a turn for the worse. As he battled his discomfort, the inevitable happened—he vomited on the mound. The shocking sight left everyone astonished, further emphasizing the bizarre nature of this entire episode. Despite the unpleasantness of the situation, Garrett’s determination to avoid vomiting on others was evident as he tried to create distance between himself and those around him.

The Towel Exchange

Recognizing the need to address the situation, team members quickly offered towels to help clean up the mess. One by one, individuals attempted to assist Garrett, presenting him with towels. However, in the midst of this exchange, an unusual contest emerged between two teammates. Each vied to provide the \”superior\” towel, leading to a rather comical display of generosity. Ultimately, the towels offered a means to mitigate the situation, albeit amidst lighthearted chaos.

The Aftermath

The incident on the mound triggered a series of responses. The umpires and coaches decided that Garrett’s condition necessitated a pitcher change. Another player entered the game to replace Garrett, who was now unable to continue. With no runners on base and one out, the new pitcher took over the mound, while Garrett retreated to the dugout.