The game begins with Lamont Wade Jr. stepping up to the plate and swiftly hitting a double off Flaherty’s 0-1 fastball. As he stands on second base, Wade Jr. takes a moment to appreciate the atmosphere and glances around the field. Meanwhile, Flaherty, the pitcher, notices the iconic birds on the opposing team’s jerseys. He humorously comments that one of the birds resembles a worm caught by the other bird, creating a lighthearted observation.

Wade Jr.’s Antics and Flaherty’s Response

Wade Jr., still stationed at second base, starts dancing around, seemingly attempting to distract the pitcher and catcher. Flaherty acknowledges his actions with a quizzical expression and engages in some banter, though the exact words are unclear. Flaherty throws a couple of well-executed pitches, including an O-2 curveball, and manages to get Tyro to take the bait, resulting in a strikeout. Now with two outs, Flaherty gestures to Wade Jr., seemingly signaling him to steal third base or provide information to the batter.

The Possibility of Passing Information

In baseball, it is common for players to pick up on cues from the catcher’s positioning and movements to determine the pitch type or location. Flaherty suspects that Wade Jr. might be relaying such information to the batter. This suspicion leads Flaherty to give Wade Jr. the opportunity to steal third base, suggesting that if he is passing information, he should go ahead and do it. The tensions rise, and Flaherty becomes more vocal, expressing his frustration with Wade Jr.’s actions.

Flaherty’s Competitive Nature and the Umpire’s Intervention

Flaherty’s competitiveness shines through as he continues to engage in heated exchanges with Wade Jr. The pitcher expresses his refusal to engage in any kind of information-sharing, emphasizing that nobody is looking at Wade Jr. to receive such signals. The situation escalates, and Flaherty needs to be held back to prevent further confrontation. The umpire intervenes, reminding Flaherty that he wants to keep him in the game and maintain order on the field.

Bench Clearing and Final Words

The tensions reach a boiling point, leading to the clearing of both teams’ benches. Players from both sides rush onto the field to defuse the situation and restore calm. However, as the chaos settles, Flaherty turns around one more time, uttering some final words directed at Wade Jr. The exact nature of his words remains unknown. Finally, Wade Jr. seizes the opportunity to promote a video by Jolly Olive, a channel about baseball, encouraging viewers to watch a video that is about to hit one million views.


This intense baseball game between Flaherty and Wade Jr. showcased the competitive nature of both players and the heated exchanges that can arise during intense moments. From Wade Jr.’s on-field antics to Flaherty’s firm refusal to engage in information-sharing, the game provided plenty of excitement and drama. Despite the confrontation, the umpire’s intervention helped maintain order and allowed the game to continue. Baseball fans were treated to a memorable showdown that will be remembered for years to come.