With the Mets leading by two runs against the Marlins, the tension was palpable. Alonso stepped up to the plate with two strikes against him and put the ball in play. The third baseman quickly fielded the ball and made a strong throw across the diamond to first base. The first base umpire, after a momentary pause, signaled Alonso out.

The Key Image

One particular image captured the attention of fans, generating a flurry of tweets and discussions. This image clearly shows Alonso’s foot off the base, indicating that he should be safe. Many viewers questioned how the call on the field could stand when it seemed evident that Alonso had reached first base safely.

Understanding the Review Process

To comprehend the reasoning behind the controversial decision, it is essential to consider the rules governing such reviews. While it may seem intuitive to determine a catch based on when the ball hits the back of the mitt, the rule states that a catch is established when the ball enters the glove. This distinction holds significance in evaluating whether Alonso’s foot was on the base at the precise moment the ball entered the fielder’s mitt.

Analyzing the Footage

When we scrutinize the available footage from various angles, it becomes apparent that determining the position of Alonso’s foot is not an easy task. Let’s examine the different vantage points to gain a clearer understanding:

– Angle 1: Unfortunately, this angle provides no conclusive evidence regarding Alonso’s foot placement. It offers no definitive view that can help us ascertain whether his foot was on or off the base.

– Angle 2: In this footage, the ball enters the fielder’s mitt, and we cannot definitively determine whether Alonso’s foot was on the base at that instant. However, it is evident that his foot slides off the base shortly afterward.

The Controversial Decision

Considering the lack of concrete evidence regarding Alonso’s foot position, the call on the field, which ruled him out, was neither confirmed nor overturned. The umpire’s decision, although subject to scrutiny and disagreement, ultimately stood, resulting in Alonso being declared out.


The controversial call in the Mets vs. Marlins game has ignited intense discussions among fans and analysts. Despite the initial belief that Alonso’s foot was off the base, the review process focused on the precise moment the ball entered the fielder’s mitt. While this decision may not align with popular opinion, it adheres to the established rule that considers a catch when the ball enters the glove. Although controversial, the umpire’s decision remained unchanged, leaving fans to ponder the outcome and the impact of such rulings on the game.