Playoffs have begun. GT versus csk and the qualifier winner goes to the championship, loser goes to another semi-final match. They pick up the wicket there in the 15th over, everybody’s celebrating great high five performance there. And then you can see the young bowler path running. He grabs a water bottle and then he leaves the field. He goes off for a little bit. He’s gotta regroup, he’s gotta collect himself. Dony the captain, he’s, he wants to bring him into bowl, but he’s not on the field. He goes to the ump and he is like, Hey, my guy’s not here and I want him to be here. Anything you can do for me gets in his face chatting with him guy’s like, uh, I don’t know. Where’d he go? And then there he is. He appears he’s back. But the rule is, I believe the rule is he was gone for four minutes, had to pierce him. He’s like, yeah, I left. I had to go outta there. And he is like, did you tell anyone you were leaving? He is like, yeah, I told this guy that I was gonna head out, that I’m smiling in the background. The rule is that you have to, you cannot ball until you serve as much time as you were gone. So he was gone for four and a half minutes. He can’t bowl until he’s back on the field for four and a half minutes. And then they just filibuster here. He’s like, well, can he bowl at seven minute mark? They’re like, no, no, he can’t bowl you. Can he bowl at the eight minute mark? No, no, he can’t bowl yet. Um, okay, so we’ll just, we’ll just break and we’ll act like we’re going. And these guys are like, what’s he doing? Like he’s stalling for time cuz he wants to bring him in. And then he is like, wait, nevermind. What was the rule again? Can you explain it again? So just kind of, you know, they’re like, hey, clock’s ticking. Nine minutes goes by. So they’re like, oh beautiful. Time is up. We did it. They bring him in. Now this was his previous over. He bowled four wides, I believe he’s 20 years old. Uh, Sri Lankan. And it was a little bit of nerves, four wides in the over, but here he is in the 16th over to start it off, they got three overs from him in the death overs. And he is just right at their feet. Bam, bam. That won ’em for one or that one ’em for two. That’s a dot. And then Rashid does get ’em there for a six and then dot and then look at this cute little one. Ye sweeper. That’s four. So he goes for 13 and that over. They say, don’t worry about it. At least you didn’t throw any wides. Why don’t you come back in for the 18th? We really need you. And they give up a single there now they need to get bolt these batters out and next ball single full length. And he is not breathing that well. You know, he is a little nervous still. And you can see, don’t he to go breathe. I’m 20 years older than you and I know more about breathing than you. Right on his foot again in the air and a great catch taken. That’s, that was the biggest thing of the game. Or actually that plus the next ball. Look at this. Did he catch it? They only showed one replay of it. And I don’t, I don’t know actually the full rule in the I P L, I think that’s a catch, but oh my god, that guy face paint the very next ball, first batter comes in, They try to run. So Khan gets up again, peg them, he gets the, the catch and then the runout and back-to-back balls in his third over in the match. And good thing he just had to go to the bathroom after that first one. All those wides, Don, he said, why don’t you go to the bathroom, get the nerves out. They do get Rashid’s Wicked in the 19th over Pathon. Didn’t a different bowler, but that was kind of the game. And they all know it and they’re all screaming. And GT’s been really good. I’ve been saying that no one’s gonna beat gt and then they beat ’em. So that’s pretty wild. The storybook ending is coming that everyone wanted to happen and proud. She’s so proud. And then they do bring path on it back for the 20th over and just a beautiful one-handed catch on the run to end the match. Why not? It didn’t really matter. You didn’t need to do it. But once, don’t you, if you can end it in style, end it in style. So don’t buying some time for his young bowler to get rid of the nerves. Come back out and finish strong. Yay. And before you go, I gotta let you know that our pseudo cricket league, the Ball and Play League premieres in about a month. Each of the teams has a professional cricket player coming to join and help out. So be on the lookout for Warehouse Games (including Blitzball Battle 3) ball and Play League. It’s coming soon.