In the world of baseball, emotions run high, especially when teams on losing streaks face off. This transcript captures a heated moment during a game between Clevenger’s team and the Nationals. The intensity of the competition, coupled with the players’ passionate reactions, created a memorable showdown.

The Complete Game Shutout

The game was in its final moments, with Clevenger’s team leading, aiming for a complete game shutout. It was the bottom of the ninth inning, and tension hung in the air.

– First Out: The inning started with a ground ball to Tim Anderson, securing the first out.
– Two More Outs: With two outs needed to complete the shutout, Clevenger seemed determined.

The Unusual Ritual

Clevenger was known for his eccentric pre-pitch rituals, which could make anyone a little crazy. He had a lot going on before every pitch, keeping both fans and opponents on their toes.

– One-Two, Fouled Up: He managed to secure the second out despite the distractions.
– Boom – The Final Out: Clevenger stood one out away from his complete game shutout.

The Showdown

Dominic Smith, a powerful Slugger, stepped up to the plate. The tension escalated as he faced Clevenger.

– Strike One: The first pitch was a fastball at the top of the zone, and it was a strike.
– Two Strikes to Go: Smith had two strikes against him, and the pressure mounted.
– A Battle of Wits: Clevenger tried a change-up, but Smith didn’t chase. Then, another fastball, but Smith was unfazed.

The Unexpected Twist

Clevenger and Smith engaged in a mental battle. Clevenger was determined to secure the shutout, but Smith was equally determined to make a statement.

– The Critical Pitch: With a 1-2 count, Clevenger threw another fastball at the top of the zone, but this time it landed in the middle.
– Smith’s Triumph: Smith seized the opportunity and crushed the pitch into the outfield, ending Clevenger’s shutout bid.

Emotions Run Wild

After his triumphant hit, Smith celebrated and engaged in some spirited banter.

– Was It Mockery?: Clevenger, covering his face, thought Smith was mocking him for wanting to stay in the game.
– Verbal Exchange: Words were exchanged, and Smith taunted Clevenger, causing tempers to flare.
– A Spiraling Confrontation: The confrontation continued, with both players trading heated words.

The Final Out

Despite the drama, the game wasn’t over. Clevenger still needed one more out to complete the game, but the shutout was no longer within reach.

– Smith’s Performance: Smith’s hitting prowess resulted in one earned run for Clevenger.
– Ongoing Feud: Smith continued to berate Clevenger, calling him a “cry baby.”


This heated showdown between two teams in the midst of losing seasons showcased the emotional rollercoaster that is baseball. The clash of egos, the intensity of competition, and the unpredictability of the sport were all on full display. Baseball, it seems, is not just a game; it’s a stage for raw emotions and dramatic confrontations.