In the last game of the T20 cricket season, the Renegades faced off against the Thunder. The Renegades, languishing at the bottom of the table, needed 10 runs off the next nine balls to secure a victory. The Thunder, playing for better seeding, were determined to show their dominance in the league. This article delves into the thrilling final moments of the match and the key plays that decided the outcome.

The Situation

With just nine balls left in the game, the Renegades needed 10 runs to win. The two batsmen at the crease, Merlot and Finch, were under immense pressure to deliver. Merlot had scored 15 runs off eight balls, while Finch had an impressive 82 runs off 63 balls. The Thunder’s bowler, Sam, had given up 21 runs without taking any wickets.

The First Blow

The tension was palpable as Sam prepared to deliver the crucial ball. Trying to get creative, Finch attempted a scoop shot to score a boundary. However, he ended up hitting the wicket, and the bails lit up, indicating he was out. This misstep dealt a severe blow to the Renegades’ chances.

A Game-Changing Run-Out

The next batsman came in, tasked with the challenge of getting some runs on the board. Unfortunately, he failed to score, resulting in a dot ball. However, a successful run followed, leaving the Renegades needing nine runs off the remaining six balls.

In a stunning play of the match, a Thunder fielder in the infield stopped the ball bare-handed behind his body and threw it to his teammate, who hit the wicket before the batsman crossed. The Renegades suffered a run-out, losing another vital wicket.

Finch’s Departure

As Finch’s impressive innings came to an end, the Thunder showcased their strong fielding skills yet again. A catch by one of their players sent Finch back to the pavilion, leaving the Renegades in a dire situation.

Sutherland’s Six

With both batters yet to face a ball and the pressure building, Sutherland stepped up and hit a remarkable six, taking the Renegades closer to their target. Now, they needed three runs off the next two balls.

The Final Blow

The Thunder’s bowler, determined to secure the win, carefully pitched the ball in the zone, not wanting to risk a wide that could grant an extra run. Unfortunately for the Renegades, the batter, Boyce, was unable to score the required two runs, and the Thunder emerged victorious by a slim margin of one run.


In an electrifying match filled with twists and turns, the Thunder showed their mettle and secured the third seed. The Renegades fought valiantly, but their last-ditch efforts fell short. As the T20 cricket season concluded, fans were left in awe of the Thunder’s dominant performance and the thrilling drama that unfolded on the field.