In a thrilling baseball showdown, Julio Urias and Juan Soto faced off, making it an exciting at-bat for fans and players alike. This article delves into the pitch-by-pitch analysis of their duel, highlighting the mind games and strategies employed by both players during the game.

Pitch 1: The Get Me Over Curve

With a one-run game and two runners on, Urias aims to hold the runners with his first pitch, opting for a \”get me over curve.\” The pitch gets the call from Blue, but Soto appears unsure of the strike call, as it looks a bit high. Nevertheless, it’s recorded as a strike, setting the tone for the rest of the battle.

Pitch 2: The Funky Angle Fastball

Urias surprises Soto with a 95-mile-per-hour fastball from a funky arm angle, dropping down to create an unanticipated trajectory. Soto seems slightly caught off guard but manages to foul it off.

Pitch 3: The Deceptive Changeup

Next up is the changeup, which Soto doesn’t swing at but claims he didn’t either. The umpire’s call goes in Urias’ favor, leaving Soto with his characteristic Soto Shuffle, adding flair to the at-bat.

Pitch 4: The Second Look at the Curveball

Having seen all three of Urias’ pitches, Soto faces another curveball. This time, he grounds it foul, showing his determination to connect with the ball.

Pitch 5: Tricked by the Over-the-Top Fastball

Urias sets up an excellent play by throwing a fastball from an over-the-top arm slot, a change from the previous two fastballs. Soto wasn’t ready for it but manages to foul it off, keeping the battle alive.

Pitch 6: The Impressive Changeup

With a 1-2 count, Urias delivers a changeup, mirroring the arm slot of the previous fastball. Soto, however, doesn’t take the bait, skillfully spitting on the pitch and refusing to swing.

Pitch 7: The Final Trick – Curveball for the Strikeout

Urias brilliantly drops a curveball right over the middle, leaving Soto with no choice but to smile. The battle ends in Urias’ favor, but Soto acknowledges the tricks and takes note for the next encounter.


This captivating at-bat showcased the mastery of both Julio Urias and Juan Soto. Urias displayed his pitching skills and clever mind games, while Soto demonstrated his resilience as a hitter. Despite the strikeout, Soto’s ability to stay alive and challenge Urias made it an unforgettable battle. This game brought us the excitement of baseball and was made even more enjoyable by Manscaped’s support, offering fans a chance to look and feel their best.