In a stunning turn of events during a baseball game, something unprecedented occurred – both managers were ejected simultaneously. This unforgettable moment, brought to you by DraftKings, took place in a game between the Guardians and the Angels. Let’s dive into the breakdown of this extraordinary incident and explore how it unfolded.

The Setup

At this point in the season, the Guardians were leading the division by a run, and the atmosphere seemed a bit relaxed. The Angels’ pitcher, Paris, was on the mound trying to keep the game close with runners on base.

The Controversial Call

As Paris faced the Guardians’ batter, the game took a dramatic turn. The first pitch was inside, and the next pitch was fouled back. Tito, the Guardians’ manager, was seen munching on popcorn from the dugout. Then, a called strike and a swinging strike followed, leading to the first out.

The Alleged Hit-by-Pitch

The next batter stepped up to the plate, and Paris threw a ball inside, followed by a slider that the batter fouled off. However, on the following pitch, the batter claimed that the ball hit his foot. Chaos ensued as the batter pointed to his foot, asserting that he had been hit. The umpires gathered to discuss the situation, and Tito challenged the decision, claiming that the batter had been hit by the pitch.

The Umpire’s Dilemma

The umpires had to make a difficult decision. They needed to determine if the batter had been hit and if the challenge was made in time. After much deliberation, the umpires decided not to grant the challenge, much to Tito’s frustration. Tito expressed his discontent, arguing that he had put his hand up immediately to signal the challenge.

Tito’s Ejection

Tito’s frustration with the umpires grew, and he continued to argue vehemently. However, the umpires stood their ground, and Tito’s anger escalated. Eventually, Tito’s frustration reached its peak, leading to his ejection from the game. Tito stormed out of the dugout, expressing his displeasure as he left the field.

Ron’s Ejection

As the game continued, the Angels’ manager, Ron, felt that he wasn’t getting a fair chance for his pitcher to warm up. He confronted the umpires about the situation and demanded an explanation. This heated exchange with the umpires resulted in Ron’s ejection as well, leading to the rare double manager ejection.

Fans’ Reactions

The fans in the stadium were thoroughly entertained by this extraordinary turn of events. Supporters of all ages enjoyed the spectacle, and even some fans from the front row and kids were seen having a blast. The double manager ejection became the talk of the game and left fans astonished.


The double manager ejection during the Guardians vs. Angels game was a historic moment in baseball history. It showcased the intense emotions and tensions that can arise during a game and how decisions made by the umpires can lead to significant repercussions. While such an event may be a rare occurrence, it undoubtedly left a lasting impact on all those who witnessed it.