Opening weekend in baseball can be intense, but sometimes it goes beyond the usual excitement of the game. In a recent showdown between the Brewers and the Cubs, the rivalry escalated as both teams found themselves in a curious battle of pitches. What started as accidental and intentional hit by pitches turned into a controversial exchange between players, resulting in suspensions and heated debates. Let’s break down the events of this thrilling encounter and understand the emotions and motivations behind each player’s actions.

Hit by Pitches – The Brewing Tension

The game began innocently enough, with both teams getting hits and making plays. However, as the innings progressed, hit by pitches became a recurring theme. It all started when Contreras, a Cubs player, was hit not once but twice during the game. This wasn’t the first time he experienced such incidents with the Brewers, adding fuel to the fire of this growing rivalry.

Yelich’s Unintended Pain

In another unfortunate incident, Yelich, a star player for the Brewers, got hit on the foot by a pitch. Unlike Contreras’ previous experiences, this particular hit seemed accidental and not intentional.

Happer’s Unfortunate Encounter

Things took a painful turn for Happer as he got hit on the elbow pad. While nobody seemed upset about this incident, it was clear that the repeated hits were taking a toll on the players.

The Cubs’ Retaliation

Frustrated by the number of hits they were enduring, the Cubs decided it was time to retaliate. Their young pitcher was given the task of hitting Cutch, a Brewers player, to level the playing field.

Cutch’s Reaction and Grievance

Cutch was aware of the situation and stood slightly off the plate, prepared for what was about to happen. The first pitch, seemingly an attempt to hit him, went for a strike. Cutch knew what was going on, and as the inside fastball missed him on the second pitch, he couldn’t help but smile.

The Three-Try Hitting Game

The Cubs’ pitcher tried again, determined to hit Cutch on the third pitch, and he succeeded. Cutch took it in stride and even congratulated the young pitcher on finally accomplishing the task. However, his main grievance was that it took three tries to hit him, and he wanted it done cleanly on the first attempt.

Understanding Cutch’s Perspective

Cutch’s frustration stemmed from the unwritten rules of baseball, where hitting a player on purpose is accepted as long as it’s done immediately and without deception. By opening Cutch up with a secondary pitch and then attempting to hit him, the Cubs’ pitcher was indirectly signaling that the hit wouldn’t happen during that at-bat. This tactic misled Cutch, and he felt it was unfair to get comfortable only to be hit on the following pitch.

The Aftermath

After the scuffle, tempers flared, and Jason Heyward of the Cubs made a defiant gesture towards the opposing team. The umpires intervened, and the Cubs’ pitcher was suspended for three games as a consequence of his actions.


The Brewers vs. Cubs game turned into a gripping showdown that went beyond the typical on-field competition. Hit by pitches, retaliations, and unwritten rules of baseball fueled the tension between the teams. While some players accepted the practice of hitting opponents on purpose, others, like Cutch, emphasized doing it straightforwardly and without deception. This game will undoubtedly be remembered for the passion and intensity it brought to the sport, leaving fans eager for future clashes between these fierce rivals.